Pasadena Public Library – Teen Advisory Board, 2/11/19

Present:  Aminda, Carolyn, Chris, Emilie, Genevieve, Haile, Liam, John, Jonathan G, Mckenna, Sophie

Focus of February meeting: advocacy

Assignment:  I’m in the process of updating our online library guides and it would help me out tremendously if you can let me know the types of research papers/homework questions you get at school. Basically, anything that you have to look up resources for—whether that’s books, articles, videos, websites, or databases. You don’t have to tell me what resources you got, but if you can send me the questions (exactly as it’s phrased in your homework), that’ll get me to produce a better library guide. Or just make me a copy of the assignment info.



Vote/discuss – levelUP 3 topics –

  • life skills
  • personal branding, networking, interviews & resumes – beyond basics (how to make yourself stand out)
  • workplace mannerisms, interpersonal skills (how to keep a personal relationship while remaining professional)
  • taxes/finance/budgeting
  • beginning IT functions, recognizing scams, HT to use phone apps
  • scheduling, organizing, time management, efficient spaces
  • Advocacy, public speaking


Debrief & upcoming

  • Teen zine
  • Writing meetups – Jan. 31 facilitator, Sophie
  • YA Book Club – Feb. 4 facilitator, Liam
  • State of the Youth at Muir High – Feb. 6 representatives, Faith, Emilie, Sophie, Taleen, Liam
  • Game Days – Feb. 15 & Mar. 15 facilitator, John
  • Youth Network led by TAB
    • March 6 – Liam, Faith, Sophie, Taleen
    • OR April 3 – Liliana, Faith, Sophie, Taleen



  • Teen Zine advocacy topics
  • Youth Network TAB-led meeting – What do we want to cover?
  • Mental Health Education Kits
  • Easy teen-led summer programs (such as board game days or craft days)
    • Craft days
    • LEGO Robotics
    • Continue writing & book club in summer
    • Game days (video games & board games – can we store board games in Teen Central for easier access?)
  • What does TAB represent?
  • Marketing – Can we get an email newsletter specifically for teen events?


Information items

  • March 18 – workgroups
  • April 15 – summer, succession
  • May-July – Who can step up to lead TAB meetings? What will you do in the TAB meetings? What about the summer event? Jane will be on maternity leave starting in early May through mid-July.
  • August – recruitment & elevator speech
  • September
  • October – murder mystery
  • November
  • December – no meeting; in lieu will be winter event

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