Pasadena Public Library – Teen Advisory Board, 1/14/19

Present:  Carolyn, Chris, Emilie, Faith, Liam, Liliana, Lauren, Luke, Sophie, Taleen

Focus of January meeting: spring event, SRC prizes & graphics

Assignment: SRC prize research:

To prep for our next meeting, please do a bit of research on what you would like as a prize for this year’s summer reading program. We will need about five items for prizes. We can only afford to get one high cost item (between $4-6) this year. All others must be below $4 each.

Take a look at 2018’s and 2017’s prize menus. Some things I’d like to avoid are high screenprinting setup fees, high shipping costs, and very slow production times.

What I would like you to do to prep for the meeting is:  think about what you’d like to see on the prize menu next year, find some of these items online, and either (1) print out your findings, or (2) send me a link, so I can prepare to show it to everyone else.

Our theme this year is Showtime at the Library.



SRC prize voting; top choices were:


Micro Sticky Book ($2.12)


4-color retractable pens ($1.17)

Plush with library logo shirt ($3.99) ($5.52)


Pencil case ($0.83)


Stress relievers ($0.83) ($2.12)


SRC graphics voting – “It’s Showtime At Your Library”

  • Banner for – file J. Lee 01
  • Bookmark – file poster “Shakespeare Legion of Doom”
  • Random – file folders for Atteberry, Girouard, Murphy teen 6 & 7


Debrief & upcoming

  • Teen zine
  • Winter event-possibly next time two weeks before finals?
  • Writing meetups – Jan. 31 facilitator, Sophie
  • YA Book Club – Feb. 4 facilitator, Liam
  • State of the Youth at Muir High – Feb. 6 representatives, Faith, Emilie, Sophie, Taleen, Liam, Luke (maybe)
  • Game Days – Feb. 15 & Mar. 15 facilitator, John
  • Youth Network led by TAB
    • March 6 – Liam, Faith, Sophie, Taleen
    • OR April 3 – Liliana, Faith, Sophie, Taleen


Discuss – Spring events (April – May 2019)

  • Book clubs, writing meetups, game days, Youth Network
  • Team Easter egg hunt (# of eggs vs. points) — Do we still want to do this? No.


Information items


MENTAL HEALTH INITIATIVE: We received three grants to support mental health initiatives from California State Library and Southern California Library Cooperative!


January 14 meeting (2nd Monday) – SRC voting

February 11 OR 25 meeting (TBD) – mental health day or planning for youth network meeting

March 18 – workgroups

April 15 – summer, succession

May-July – Who can step up to lead TAB meetings? What will you do in the TAB meetings? What about the summer event? Jane will be on maternity leave starting in early May through mid-July.

August – recruitment & elevator speech

September – murder mystery



December – no meeting; in lieu will be winter event

Past agendas:

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