Pasadena Public Library – Teen Advisory Board, 12/17/18


Present:  Aminda, Carolyn, Chris, Emilie, John, Jonathan, Lauren, Liam, Mckenna, Naomi, Sophie, Taleen


Focus of December meeting: winter event, spring event

Assignment: holiday meeting





  • YA Book Club
  • Youth Network meeting
  • Writing meetups
  • Teen zine


Discuss – Spring event

Team Easter egg hunt (# of eggs vs. points)

  • The rules
  • How to set up?
  • Who’s doing what?
  • Date? (Easter is 4/21)


Winter event – gingerbread city, ornaments, snow globes, sweaters, movies, pizza, hot chocolate + marshmallows


Information items


January 14 meeting (2nd Monday) – SRC voting

February 11 OR 25 meeting (TBD) – mental health day?

March 18 – workgroups

April 15 – summer, succession

Past agendas:

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