Pasadena Public Library – Teen Advisory Board, 10/15/2018


Present: Armand, Liliana, Genevieve, Carolyn, Taleen, Chris, Liam, Sophie, Faith, Mckenna, Aminda, Lauren, Naomi, Brittany, Haile, Emilie, Jonathan


Focus of October meeting: murder mystery run through

Assignment: Finish murder mystery scripts and clues

  • SCRIPTS – scripts need to be done, characters chosen; please remember to highlight the actual clues in the script to help the players narrow down the murderer
  • LOCATIONS – clues need to be created (1-2 samples); I left some notes in the document
  • WEAPONS – clues need to be created; please put your notes in the google drive folder
  • DECOR – décor needs to have a plan in place—which ones of these ideas are you actually doing? Decide who is going to put up which decorations and when — remember, that it cannot be done more than a day ahead of the event




  • YA Book Club
  • Anti-Bullying Rally & City Council meeting
  • Youth Network meeting
  • National Coming Out Day


Murder Mystery

  • Progress – scripts, locations, weapons, decor, food
  • Auditions/Character announcements
  • Run-Through 1
  • role assignment
    • Food/dessert setup –
    • Table setup –
    • Decor – Armand, Aminda, Carolyn
    • Weapons setup – Sofia, Faith
    • Location setup + body outline – Lauren, Naomi
    • Characters – Taleen, Liam, Brittany, Faith, Haile
    • Social media – Genevieve
    • Photographs – Alfonso Huerta
    • Additional roles
      • Lead – Liliana (Naomi & Sophie – please shadow Liliana)
      • Hosts – Armand, Sofia
      • Clue givers-Naomi, Lauren, Luke
      • Wrapup – Jane
      • Raffle – Liliana
  • Final checklist
    • Review last year’s debrief
    • Rewrite scripts – Sophie, Genevieve, Emilie
    • Rewrite police report clue – Liam
    • Create map
    • Send email reminders to attendees
    • Make all location clues – location team
    • Review final day-of schedule
    • Review with Lead the day-of checklist
    • Final runthrough
    • Pick up dessert
    • Order food
    • Suspect labels
    • Host scripts – Sophie
    • Blog & credits
    • Raffle prize & signing sheet
    • “Needle has been removed” sign for syringe
    • Group photo during murder mystery


Information items


Murder Mystery Run-through 2 will be on Monday, Oct. 22 at 6pm (1 hour)

Murder Mystery call time for TAB is 4pm on Friday Oct. 26

Register for the murder mystery:


Young Readers League – A Long Pitch Home by Natalie Lorenzi – author visit Nov. 8

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