Reviewed by Kaelin Lee, age 16

All Kinds of Other by James Sie

Jules is trying to navigate his sophomore year of school at a new school while figuring out what it means to be gay. Jack is in the same boat as Jules and starting over at the same school when his father decides to move to (Los Angeles) LA to pursue being an actor. When the two meet, the sparks are undeniable, but are they willing to risk their goals to stay under the radar, especially when Jack’s connection to a pair of popular trans vloggers is leaked, in order to follow their hearts?

I loved how grounded in reality the book was, as it made me fully invest in Jack and Jules’ lives and be immersed in the world the author was building. It covered so many aspects of the lives of LGBTQ+ teenagers, from the spectrum of supportive to more close-minded parents to struggles with mental health. The detailed thought process of Jack when he was catastrophizing, especially as the book was fitfully in first person, felt incredibly raw and realistic. The way the author makes the emotions of Jack and Jules just come to life on the pages is part of what makes his writing so amazing. Not to mention, the dialogue and awkward yet cute interactions between Jack and Jules were so enjoyable to read and felt reflective of a romance between young teenagers. Their chemistry in bantery texts to their deep understanding and care for one another during hard times, as there was no shortage of them in the book, really solidified why they made a perfect pair that readers could root for. Lastly, the way the plot developed, switching between the two boy’s perspectives, was well-paced and full of twists and turns. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to people who love YA fiction.

3.5 stars of 5 stars

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