Teen Advisory Board (TAB) is the leadership team of Pasadena Public Library Teen Services. TAB implements change in our community, promotes library services, and advocates for teen and youth services.

Teen Advisory Board’s mission is to provide teens in the community with support through educational and entertaining events, opportunities, and resources, while closing the achievement gap and preparing teens for a successful and fulfilling life.

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TAB enhances skills in

  • leadership
  • teamwork
  • budgeting
  • complex planning
  • advocacy

TAB’s current focus

  • advises and votes on teen programs, initiatives, services, contests
  • facilitate and implement programs
  • teen resource projects (such as a teen center redesign or developing a new lending program)
  • Youth Network + Youth Master Plan

Current members

Cassandra Aquino, Grade 11
     Cassandra is a junior at Marshall Fundamental School.  She has a passion for soccer and plays for her high school and club teams. She enjoys playing the clarinet in her school’s band.  When she’s not volunteering or involved in extracurricular activities, she enjoys reading and co-writing stories with friends.  


Taleen BerberianGrade 12.

Taleen is a senior at Westridge School. She has been in the Teen Advisory Board for about two years. She devotes most of her time to Girl Scouts, volunteering at the Pasadena Public Library, and computer programming. She enjoys music, photography, and golf.

TAB activities: Taleen has led a series of coding workshops for middle school girls at Pasadena Central Library and Hastings Branch Library. She has spoken at a Girls STEAM Conference at PCC and represents TAB in our community’s Youth Network. She has also played a character in the last three annual teen murder mysteries.


Julia Cruz, Grade 12
     Julia is a senior at Westridge School for Girls. She loves playing volleyball, competing in Jeopardy from home, and writing poetry. If not at school or sports practice, she is helping out at the Pasadena Public Library or the Boys and Girls Club!


John Lee, Grade 12
     TAB activities:  John helped startup Teen Game Days at Central Library, which began as weekly programs, and now continues as monthly programs. He has also been a host at our annual teen murder mysteries.


Jonathan HaileGrade 12

Going by his surname, Haile is an aspiring artist, photographer, actor and singer. He loves cats, video games, and playing guitar. He also does multiple martial arts, including Capoeira and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

TAB activities:  Haile has been one of our leads in the Teen Zine for the past few years–designing graphics, creating layouts, articles, and driving direction and purpose with the publication. In 2020, he spoke on behalf of Pasadena Public Library TAB at a City Council and School Board Joint Meeting about the Youth Master Plan. He also designed the logo for our Teen Newsletter.


Noah Haile, Grade 9

Noah has been home schooled since preschool, and loves both math and science. A current freshman, he spends most of his free time at home either playing piano, or playing video games. When not doing either of those things, he enjoys reading fantasy novels, eating good food, and doing martial arts.


Genevieve HarveyGrade 11

Genevieve is currently a high school junior attending Blair IB High School. She enjoys staying active, whether that is as a volunteer in her community or participating in sports and competitions. She has been a member of Pasadena Teen Advisory Board for four years. Her current hobbies are journalism and reading.

TAB activities:  Genevieve has been instrumental in leading a bulk of Pasadena Public Library’s teen programs including facilitating a monthly Teen Writing Meetup, monthly crafts programs, and quarterly movie screenings and mental health discussions. Additionally, she is one of the originators of the Teen Newsletter, and has written the character scripts for the past several years’ teen murder mysteries.


William KrestowGrade 12

Liam attends Marshall Fundamental School and enjoys reading books and playing saxophone in his school’s band. While he became a library volunteer and joined TAB in his sophomore year in high school, he’s been attending library events since he was a child.

TAB activities:  Liam has represented the library and TAB at several City Council meetings and State of the Youth events in past years. He is one of our leads for the Teen Zine–editing and contributing a number of articles including interviews with city officials. He facilitated our monthly YA Book Club events and teen Game Days.


Sophie LinGrade 12

Sophie is a senior at Flintridge Prep. Her favorite pastimes are writing, singing, photography, and playing with her four-year-old maltipoo, Skippy. Sophie first started volunteering at libraries when she was eleven years old, and joined TAB in her freshman year of high school.

TAB activities:  Sophie has been the lead for our annual teen murder mystery and summer programs. She represents TAB at our community’s Youth Network, has participated in City Council and School Board candidates forums as well as State of the Youth. Sophie has also facilitated monthly Teen Writing Meetups and has led at TAB meetings in the absence of library staff.


Leonardo Martinez, Grade 12


Caelie Pu, Grade 9


Emilie Pu, Grade 12
Emilie attends Maranatha High School. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, and traveling. She dedicates her time to volunteering at Pasadena Public Library and Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA and extracurriculars.




Advisors are former TAB members who have graduated high school, but continue to volunteer as young adults.


Haneen Eltaib, Advisor
Haneen is a copy editor and contributor to the Teen Zine. For the first three years, she has taken the lead in organizing the annual Murder Mystery and has been interviewed for an article in a professional magazine. In her spare time, she plays violin and writes fiction.

Kara Eng, Advisor
Kara has been a teen volunteer at Pasadena Public Library since 2014. She is a Teen Advisory Board adviser and has written reviews for VOYA magazine. She’s currently attending Stanford University where she plans to study Chemical Engineering.

Angel Gomez, Advisor
A Junior in Japanese Language and Literature at Cal State LA, Angel was a former TAB member, and is currently a staff member at Pasadena Public Library.

Julia See, Advisor
Julia graduated from Blair High School in 2016 with an International Baccalaureate Diploma and is currently attending Johns Hopkins University with a major in Behavioral Biology and a minor in Visual Art. During high school, she volunteered at the Pasadena Public Library, among other places, and is an adviser of the Teen Advisory Board. She aspires to go to medical school and become a physician.


Teen Advisory Board is directed by Youth Services Librarian Jane Gov.

Strategic Plan & Objectives

Our strategic plan is guided by the Youth Master Plan, a blueprint for youth services in the city of Pasadena. The plan was conceived and written with the voices of hundreds of youth advocates, youth organizations, and adult allies– including Pasadena Public Library Teen Advisory Board.

One of TAB’s primary contributions to the community is developing and implementing direct services to youth. Our efforts are driven by our mission, while our decisions are guided by the strategies in the Youth Master Plan. We do what we can within our capacity. TAB’s Priority Areas are:

Life Ready: A Pasadena community that is committed to support opportunities for enrichment, higher education, and careers for all youth. Strategies TAB is employing:

  • Offer quality job readiness training or programs
  • Teach youth how to set goals and provide support
  • Create more arts opportunities for youth

Feeling Free to Be Me: Ensure all Pasadena youth are living/thriving in a safe, supportive, and bully-free environment, especially at home, school and other places where they interact in our community. Strategies TAB is employing:

  • Events to equip youth and parents with tools for personal safety
  • Build resilient teens through educational and experiential programs and activites
  • Develop a sense of interconnections between teens so as to build trusting relationships
  • Provide more opportunities for increased adult/youth connections

United Youth Support: Create a comprehensive support system that connects all aspects of youth development.

  • Increase after school programs and events for youth
  • Increase opportunities to become involved in their community through volulnteerism
  • Improve technology access network system such as free wifi and computer access
  • Create more opportunities for youth to meet and connect with community leaders and agencies
  • More youth “hang-out” areas

The vision for TAB membership is for every member to be an effective leader. The goal for every TAB member is to lead or facilitate a library program or initiative.


TAB makes up approximately 15% of Pasadena Public Library’s Teen Volunteer Program. TAB facilitates:

In addition to facilitating and implementing events, TAB also contributes to (or has representation in):

TAB periodically reviews and contributes to teen library resources including:

Members of TAB are also responsible for creating:


How to join the Teen Advisory Board

Looking to be more involved in your community? You might be a good fit for the Teen Advisory Board (TAB). This is perfect for those seeking to gain leadership and work experience. Meetings take place at Central Library. Please apply by submitting a volunteer application.

  • At least 1 mandatory monthly meeting
  • Participation in online discussions, committee work, and pre-meeting assignments (this may include additional volunteer shifts)
  • Year round commitment
  • Possible additional individual project/responsibility
  • Wants to be a leader or gain skills to become a good leader
  • Cares about our library and the wellness of teens in our community
  • Excellent communication skills and highly dedicated
  • Ability to work well independently and with the rest of TAB
  • TAB Participation Agreement
  • The monthly time commitment is approximately 4 hours per month.

TAB members are selected and tasks assigned on the discretion of the TAB supervisor. Members invited to the official roster are based on a variety of observations–demonstrated dedication, skills, behavior, and abilities stated above.

You don’t need experience to join, but you do need to be able to attend meetings, come in for extra projects, and work well independently and with the rest of the team.

TAB Participation Agreement

  1. The first three months is a probation period; new TAB members may not miss any meetings.
  2. A TAB applicant must be at least 13 years old and no more than 17 years old.
  3. All TAB members must, during their time on the board, lead at least a portion of a library teen program.
  4. A TAB member may not miss more than three consecutive meetings in a school year, excused or unexcused. Three non-consecutive excused absences per school year may be allowed. A TAB member may not miss more than 50% of the meetings in a school year (also excused or unexcused). If a member has an absence, they must participate in the email threads, or stay engaged in some way.
  5. A TAB member must turn in pre-meeting assignments by the midnight before the meeting.
  6. Each TAB Chair will keep track of their workgroup tasks via an online database or method to be determined.
  7. Each TAB member must contribute to workgroup assignments as determined by the Chair of the group or supervisor.

Excused absences are circumstances such as family emergencies, family trips, sports games, illness, or transportation issues. Other extenuating circumstances are access issues (no internet/computer at home), unstable housing, or unstable environments. TAB members must contact Ms. Jane in cases of missed meetings or lateness.

TAB Participation Agreements were approved and adopted by Teen Advisory Board 2017 and amended in 2020.

updated February 15, 2020