Teen Advisory Board

The Teen Advisory Board (TAB) is the leadership team of the Pasadena Public Library Teen Services. TAB implements change in our community, promotes library services, and advocates for teen and youth services.

The Teen Advisory Board’s mission is to provide teens in the community with support through educational and entertaining events, opportunities, and resources, while closing the achievement gap and preparing teens for a successful and fulfilling life.

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Current members

Angel (Meep) Gomez, Adviser, Volunteer Relations
Meep volunteers even after high school, studying Graphic Design in Cal State Los Angeles. Meep has helped with the Mental Health programs. She also likes video games and her cat, Quorte.

Brittany Romero, Grade 10, Resources and Services committee
Brittany has a burning passion for acting and singing and is involved in any theater or acting event that her school puts on. She also enjoys reading and staying involved in the community. She is currently President of Christian Club and is historian of Drama Council at her school.

Chris Gonzalez, Grade 10, Resources & Services Committee
Chris enjoys soccer, tennis, cross country, and playing the violin, and is on his school’s chamber orchestra. Last year he hosted the Teen Tech Week program: “Invent with Makey Makey! “

Genevieve Harvey, Grade 8, Marketing Committee Vice-Chair
Genevieve is a new TAB member and volunteers on the side for small events at the library. She is an eighth grader at Flintridge Prep and enjoys playing tennis, playing softball, and reading.

Hadley Willman, Grade 11, Copyeditor
Hadley reviews books for the Pasadena Public Library and Voice of Youth Advocates magazine. She dreams of being a published author and is currently in the middle of writing three books. Along with Haneen, she wrote the script for the Teen Murder Mystery, one of our most successful programs of the year.

Haneen Eltaib, Grade 12, Volunteer Relations Chair
Haneen is a copy editor and contributor to the Teen Zine. For the past two years, she has taken the lead in organizing the annual Murder Mystery and has been interviewed for an article in a professional magazine. In her spare time, she plays violin and writes fiction. She dreams of becoming a doctor one day.

Jane Lee, Grade 11
Jane enjoys watching puppy videos, k-dramas, and anime in her spare time. She has been volunteering since her freshman year and enjoys doing so because of the fun events and friends! If you ever see her, you’ll catch her drinking boba or crying over her lovely fictional characters.

Kara Eng, Grade 12, Blog Manager
Kara has been a member since 2014. She is a teen book reviewer for Voice of Youth Advocates magazine, a copy editor for the Teen Zine, and a Moderator for the YA Book Club. She gave the Book Club its successful relaunch and is the primary reason the club continues to meet today.

KC Young, Grade 10
KC enjoys reading, especially the Harry Potter series. She is part of Marching Band at her school and volunteers at the library.

Lauren Sugiyama, Grade 9, Volunteer Relations
Lauren is on the TAB Volunteer Relations Team, where she has been working hard to ensure our volunteers feel appreciated and their paperwork is all intact. She currently attends Mayfield Senior School, and loves her experience so far. Her hobbies are reading, dancing ballet, and playing soccer and the violin. She loves listening to music and taking photos.

Liliana Edmonds, Grade 11
Liliana is an avid reader and lover of Harry Potter, chocolate, and ballet. She enjoys reading YA, watching TV, but most of all, dancing.

Lucy Wang, Grade 11, Resources & Services Committee
Lucy is new to TAB. She loves music and dance. She is a huge cat lover.

Madison Comick, Grade 9, Marketing Committee
Madison is a dedicated member of the YA Book Club. She is a big music fan and works on playlists for the library. She enjoys discovering new books and finding CDs at record stores. She’s probably at the library right now.

Maya Wong, Grade 11, Marketing Committee Chair
Maya goes to Downtown Magnets High School and has been in TAB for about 2 years now. She’s part of her school’s basketball team and enjoys running, dumplings, anime, and music a LOT. She considers herself a Taylor Swift fan at heart, a Rise Against enthusiast, and a back number addict.

McKenna Blackshire, Grade 8, Resources & Services Committee Vice-Chair
McKenna helps moderate the YA Book Club and writes for the Teen Zine. She enjoys listening to music, writing, debating with others, and playing piano, viola, ukulele, and playing video games.

Nina Dinan, Grade 7, Volunteer Relations Vice-Chair
Nina recently joined TAB. At home she can often be found at the piano and enjoys studying American and military history.

Sophie Lin, Grade 11, Resources & Services Committee Chair
Sophie is new to TAB this year. She’s a freshman at Flintridge Prep.  In her free time, she enjoys reading, singing, writing, and playing with her puppy, Skippy.

Perla Moreno, Youth Intern

TAB’s structure

There are 20 members on the Teen Advisory Board, including several ex officio positions. Members that started as teens who are now adults are TAB Advisers. Youth Interns, who are youth ages 14-24, are also folded into the Board’s work.


Standing Board Committees

TAB committees: committees develop plans & track progress, but are not responsible for carrying out goals; Committee Chairs will be responsible for reporting back to Ms. Jane & checking in with members

  • Marketing Committee
    • Social media (so far we have Instagram)
    • Tracking marketing plans & promotional power
    • Leverage Teens Blog & Teen Zine
    • Displays & flyer evaluation
  • Resources & Services Committee
    • Improve research guides (webteen & book suggestion lists)
    • Evaluation of programs & events (including budgeting & capacity)
    • Track work plan progress for large TAB sponsored programs
  • Volunteer Relations
    • Volunteer orientations
    • Update training guides
    • Volunteer hours & paperwork
    • Appreciation party
    • Teen Volunteer and TAB guidelines
    • TAB by-laws

How to join the Teen Advisory Board

Looking to be more involved in your community? You might be a good fit for the Teen Advisory Board (TAB). This is perfect for those seeking to gain leadership and work experience. Meetings take place at Central Library. Please apply by submitting a volunteer application.

What does TAB do?

  • Implement change in our community and library
  • Promote library services
  • Advocate for teen and youth services

What is TAB currently up to? (updated 5/2017)

  • Sustain and implement the Teen Mental Health Initiative
  • Facilitate the monthly YA Book Club
  • Facilitate the monthly Teen Writers Meetup
  • Design the annual Murder Mystery and Summer Reading programs
  • Recommend events and programs—and whenever possible, execute ideas
  • Lead key events
  • Select books for the library
  • Contribute to the library Teens Blog and Teen Zine
  • Maintain the online reading lists and online resources
  • Advise the library staff on any teen-related issues and programs
  • Establish and design new teen-related initiatives and projects


  • At least 1 mandatory monthly meeting ~ meetings are currently on the third Monday evening of each month at 6pm, 90 minutes
  • Participation in online discussions, committee work, and pre-meeting assignments
  • Year round commitment
  • Possible additional individual project/responsibility
  • Wants to be a leader or gain skills to become a good leader
  • Cares about our library and the wellness of teens in our community
  • Excellent communication skills and highly dedicated
  • Ability to work well independently and with the rest of TAB
  • TAB Participation Rules listed below

Learn more about TAB: http://pasadena-library.net/teens/tag/teen-advisory-board/

TAB members are selected and tasks assigned on the discretion of the TAB supervisor. Members invited to the official roster are based on a variety of observations–demonstrated dedication, skills, behavior, and abilities stated above.

TAB Participation Rules

  1. The first three months is a probation period; new TAB members may not miss any meetings.
  2. A TAB applicant must be at least 13 years old and no more than 17 years old.
  3. All TAB members must, during their time on the board, lead at least a portion of a library teen program.
  4. A TAB member may not miss more than three consecutive meetings in a school year, excused or unexcused. Three non-consecutive excused absences per school year may be allowed. A TAB member may not miss more than 50% of the meetings in a school year (also excused or unexcused). If a member has an absence, they must participate in the email threads, or stay engaged in some way.
  5. A TAB member must turn in pre-meeting assignments by the midnight before the meeting.
  6. Each TAB chair will keep track of the work of their committee members via an online database or method to be determined.

Excused absences are circumstances such as family emergencies, family trips, sports games, illness, or transportation issues. Other extenuating circumstances are access issues (no internet/computer at home), unstable housing, or unstable environments. TAB members must contact Ms. Jane in cases of missed meetings or lateness.