The Teen Advisory Board (TAB) is the leadership team of Pasadena Public Library Teen Services. TAB implements change in our community, promotes library services, and advocates for teen and youth services.

The Teen Advisory Board’s mission is to provide teens in the community with support through educational and entertaining events, opportunities, and resources, while closing the achievement gap and preparing teens for a successful and fulfilling life.

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Strategic Plan & Objectives

Our strategic plan is guided by the Youth Master Plan, a blueprint for youth services in the city of Pasadena. The plan was conceived and written with the voices of hundreds of youth advocates, youth organizations, and adult allies– including Pasadena Public Library Teen Advisory Board.

One of TAB’s primary contributions to the community is developing and implementing direct services to youth. Our efforts are driven by our mission, while our decisions are guided by the strategies in the Youth Master Plan. We do what we can within our capacity. TAB’s Priority Areas are:

Life Ready: A Pasadena community that is committed to support opportunities for enrichment, higher education, and careers for all youth. Strategies TAB is employing:

  • Offer quality job readiness training or programs
  • Teach youth how to set goals and provide support
  • Create more arts opportunities for youth

Feeling Free to Be Me: Ensure all Pasadena youth are living/thriving in a safe, supportive, and bully-free environment, especially at home, school and other places where they interact in our community. Strategies TAB is employing:

  • Events to equip youth and parents with tools for personal safety
  • Build resilient teens through educational and experiential programs and activites
  • Develop a sense of interconnections between teens so as to build trusting relationships
  • Provide more opportunities for increased adult/youth connections

United Youth Support: Create a comprehensive support system that connects all aspects of youth development.

  • Increase after school programs and events for youth
  • Increase opportunities to become involved in their community through volulnteerism
  • Improve technology access network system such as free wifi and computer access
  • Create more opportunities for youth to meet and connect with community leaders and agencies
  • More youth “hang-out” areas

The vision for TAB membership is for every member to be an effective leader. The goal for every TAB member is to lead or facilitate a library program or initiative.


TAB makes up approximately 15% of Pasadena Public Library’s Teen Volunteer Program. TAB facilitates:

In addition to facilitating and implementing events, TAB also contributes to (or has representation in):

TAB periodically reviews and contributes to teen library resources including:


Current members

Armand Minasian, Grade 12, Volunteer Relations Chair
Armand is currently a senior at Arcadia High School. He enjoys playing video games, reading books, practicing martial arts, and procrastinating. As a quadruplet, his life is nothing short of chaotic. Although he is way in over his head, having landed a spot in TAB and the Senior Men and Women service organization at his school, his lighthearted personality and a strong work ethic should only work to his advantage. After all, he has his 4 friends and 3 siblings to lean on.

Brittany Romero, Grade 12
Brittany has been a part of TAB now for two years now. She loves being involved with her community and helping her friends. She is an active drama kid and has been acting and singing for as long as she can remember. She is currently Secretary of Christian Club and Secretary of Drama Council. She will be graduating in the Spring of 2019 and plans to go to a 4-year college/ university.

Christopher Gonzalez, Grade 12, Innovation Lab Trainer
Chris attends Marshall Fundamental and he likes to be active in school activities. He is on both the Marshall Tennis and Cross-Country teams and presents leadership skills as a captain for both teams. Not only that, but he also likes to play the violin in his school’s chamber orchestra.

Denisse Andersen, Grade 11, Innovation Lab Monitor
Denisse enjoys reading anything she can get her hands on. She has a fascination with Greek mythology and is the biggest Harry Potter fan this world has seen. She plays soccer and is in the track and field team at school. Denisse loves science and hopes to become an astrophysicist.

Enrique McDonald, Grade 12, Marketing Committee
Enrique is a senior at Marshall Fundamental. He loves a wide variety of activities, from sports to the arts. He also enjoys giving back to his community and working with children, evident in his work with the Pasadena Educational Foundation’s summer program. He hopes that, whatever he accomplishes in the future, it influences the lives of others in a positive manner.

Faith Malicdem, Grade 12, Blog Manager
Faith is a new TAB member who enjoys being involved and giving back to her community. Faith devotes her time to playing tennis, performing in her school’s jazz band and endlessly studying.

Genevieve Harvey, Grade 10, Marketing Committee Vice-Chair; Teen Writers Facilitator
Genevieve is a sophomore and currently attends Flintridge Preparatory school. She is an avid tennis player and has been for about 7 years. She enjoys long-distance running and track & field as well. She is serious about academics and chooses her friends carefully. She enjoys reading, drawing, and running.

Haneen Eltaib, Adviser
Haneen is a copy editor and contributor to the Teen Zine. For the first three years, she has taken the lead in organizing the annual Murder Mystery and has been interviewed for an article in a professional magazine. In her spare time, she plays violin and writes fiction. She dreams of becoming a doctor one day.

John Lee, Grade 11, Game Days Facilitator

Jonathan Garcia, Grade 12, Youth Network Liaison
Jonathan recently joined the Teen Advisory Board. He frequently volunteers in and out of his community. In his spare time he enjoys listening to music and being around animals.

Jonathan Haile, Grade 10, Teen Zine
Going by his surname, Haile is an aspiring artist, photographer, actor and singer. He loves cats, video games, and playing guitar. He also does multiple martial arts, including Capoeira and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Julia See, Adviser
Julia graduated from Blair High School in 2016 with an International Baccalaureate Diploma and is currently attending Johns Hopkins University with a major in Behavioral Biology and a minor in Visual Art. During high school, she volunteered at the Pasadena Public Library, among other places, and is an adviser of the Teen Advisory Board. She aspires to go to medical school and become a physician.

Kara Eng, Adviser
Kara has been a teen volunteer at Pasadena Public Library since 2014. She is a Teen Advisory Board adviser and has written reviews for VOYA magazine. She’s currently attending Stanford University where she plans to study Chemical Engineering.

Lauren Sugiyama, Grade 11, Volunteer Relations
Lauren currently attends Mayfield Senior School, and loves it so far!  Her hobbies include dancing ballet, playing soccer and the violin,  reading, and running track and cross-country. She loves listening to music and taking photos. She started volunteering at the Pasadena Public Library in 2014 and joined TAB in 2015.

Liliana Edmonds, Grade 12, Murder Mystery Event Lead
Liliana loves reading, learning new things, and is almost always dancing ballet in her spare time. She enjoys volunteering at library, and is excited for her second year on TAB.

Luke Sugiyama, Grade 10, Young Readers League Selection Committee
Luke has been a volunteer at the Pasadena Public library since 2015 and a TAB member since 2016. Luke enjoys serving his community and helping others. He is a Boy Scout and likes playing baseball and running track.

Sofia Enger, Grade 12, YA Book Club facilitator

Sophie Lin, Grade 11, Teen Writers Facilitator; STEAM Fair Robotics Competition Facilitator
Sophie is a sophomore at Flintridge Prep. Her favorite pastimes are reading, writing, singing, robotics, and playing with her 2 year old maltipoo, Skippy.

Taleen Berberian, Grade 11, Marketing Committee
Taleen is a sophomore at La Salle High School. She recently joined the Teen Advisory Board and is currently in the Marketing Committee. She loves music, photography, and playing volleyball.

William Krestow, Grade 10, Teen Zine, Innovation Lab Monitor
Liam attends Marshall Fundamental School and enjoys reading books and playing saxophone in his school’s band. While he only recent;y joined the Teen Advisory Board, he’s been attending library events for years.


Teen Advisory Board is directed by Youth Services Librarian Jane Gov.

TAB’s structure: Committees, Work Groups, and Project Leads

There are 20 members on the Teen Advisory Board, including several ex-officio positions. Members that started as teens who are now adults are TAB Advisers. Youth Interns, who are youth ages 14-24, are also folded into the Board’s work.

Committee Chairs and program leaders will be responsible for reporting back to Ms. Jane & checking in with other members.

  • Marketing Committee
    • Social media (so far we have Instagram @paslibraryteen)
    • Tracking marketing plans & promotional power
    • Leverage Teens Blog & Teen Zine
    • Displays & flyer evaluation
  • Program leads
    • YA Book Club
    • Writing meetups
    • Game days
    • STEAM workshops
    • Movie NIghts
    • Mental Health Initiative
    • TAB representative for Young Readers League
    • TAB representative for Pasadena Loves YA
    • TAB representatives for Youth Network
  • Volunteer Relations Committee
    • Volunteer orientations
    • Update training guides
    • Volunteer hours & paperwork
    • Appreciation party
    • Teen Volunteer and TAB guidelines
    • TAB by-laws

How to join the Teen Advisory Board

Looking to be more involved in your community? You might be a good fit for the Teen Advisory Board (TAB). This is perfect for those seeking to gain leadership and work experience. Meetings take place at Central Library. Please apply by submitting a volunteer application.


  • At least 1 mandatory monthly meeting ~ meetings are currently on the third Monday evening of each month at 6pm, 90 minutes
  • Participation in online discussions, committee work, and pre-meeting assignments
  • Year round commitment
  • Additional monthly project or responsibility such as committee work or event facilitation
  • Wants to be a leader or gain skills to become a good leader
  • Cares about our library and the wellness of teens in our community
  • Excellent communication skills and highly dedicated
  • Ability to work well independently and with the rest of TAB
  • TAB Participation Rules listed below

Learn more about TAB:

TAB members are selected and tasks assigned on the discretion of the TAB supervisor. Members invited to the official roster are based on a variety of observations–demonstrated dedication, skills, behavior, and abilities stated above.

TAB Participation Rules

  1. The first three months is a probation period; new TAB members may not miss any meetings.
  2. A TAB applicant must be at least 13 years old and no more than 17 years old.
  3. All TAB members must, during their time on the board, lead at least a portion of a library teen program.
  4. A TAB member may not miss more than three consecutive meetings in a school year, excused or unexcused. Three non-consecutive excused absences per school year may be allowed. A TAB member may not miss more than 50% of the meetings in a school year (also excused or unexcused). If a member has an absence, they must participate in the email threads, or stay engaged in some way.
  5. A TAB member must turn in pre-meeting assignments by the midnight before the meeting.
  6. Each TAB chair will keep track of the work of their committee members via an online database or method to be determined.

Excused absences are circumstances such as family emergencies, family trips, sports games, illness, or transportation issues. Other extenuating circumstances are access issues (no internet/computer at home), unstable housing, or unstable environments. TAB members must contact Ms. Jane in cases of missed meetings or lateness.