Pasadena Public Library – Teen Advisory Board, 6/18/2018


Present: Jake, Lucas, Jonathan, Enrique, Gerardo, Denisse, Brittany, Luke, Lauren, Genevieve, Sophie, Carolyn, John, Armand, Chris, Liam, Aminda


Focus of June meeting: new teen workspace tour, committee check-in


  •         please send me your tshirt size
  •         Biography for the website (changes if any)
  •         Register for summer reading (link is in the June volunteer opportunities email)
  •        And check in with your committee/projects and be prepared to brief the rest of TAB on what’s happening






Discussion (15 minutes)



Training (15 minutes)

Tour of new teen workspace

Volunteer tags, cleanliness & talking, Reminders of rules


Presentation (15 minutes)

Virtual Reality – Shauna Redmond


Committee Work (30 minutes)

Marketing Committee (Faith, Enrique, Genevieve, Taleen)

Volunteer Relations (Armand, interns)

STEAM (Chris, Liam, Denisse, Jonathan)

Event facilitators (Sofia, Sophie, Genevieve)

Zine (Haile, Liam)


Information items

Summer Reading

Summer Art Contest

Summer Writing Contest

levelUP Youth Leadership Conference


Pasadena Loves YA

Murder Mystery

Young Readers League

Past agendas:

Teen Advisory Board — May 2018

Teen Advisory Board — April 2018

Teen Advisory Board — March 2018


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