Pasadena Public Library – Teen Advisory Board, 3/19/2018


Present: Armand, Chris, Denisse, Jane L, John, Jonathan G, Haile, Luke, Taleen

Focus of March meeting: SRC prize voting, teen resources

Assignment:  research prizes for summer program; discussion and feedback about topics for levelUP Youth Conference




Debrief (5 minutes)

Youth Network -Jonathan G, Taleen

MaKey MaKey – Chris, Denisse, Jonathan G, Haile


Action Items (20 minutes)

Summer Reading program prizes voting; results: 

  • Fidget Cube: $2.80 (100)
  • Triangular Highlighter: $0.70 (250)
  • VR glasses: 3.49 plus $50 for setup (100)
  • Book light & laser pointer: 2.70 (100)
  • Backpack with bottle holder:  3.56 (100)


Discussion (60 minutes)

Succession Plan update: We’re steadily transitioning roles and responsibilities, and it’s looking like we’ll have a smooth transition come summertime.


Volunteer Relations – Jane L, Armand

  • update orientation checklist
  • update TAB onboarding
  • How can we best communicate the intricacies of the teen volunteer program? Should we be developing more visually appealing training tools?
  • Review library services slideshow
  • Present new developments if any, or share a part of the slideshow to TAB (5 minutes)


Marketing Committee – Taleen, Luke, Armand

  • Blog Assistant announcement
  • Present the various marketing tools we have to TAB (5 minutes)


STEAM – Chris, Denisse, Jonathan G, Haile, John

  • Explore the “Make, Tinker, Hack” Guide and discuss what we should/could offer in a single workshop or workshop series. We may be doing monthly programs for kids in Sept-Dec, and we will be offering workshops to teens every other month (or every month if you decide on that).
  • Present your ideas & the Make, Tinker, Hack Guide (5 minutes)


Open Floor (5 minutes)


Information items

levelUP Youth Leadership Conference topics:

Thank you for your feedback!  

Our workshop topics for the conference are:

  • Personal Branding
  • Public Speaking and Advocacy
  • Budgeting 101

Additional topics for opening and closing activities are:

  • Future thinking
  • Mindfulness


Upcoming Library events:

  • Thu. Mar 29:  Teen Writers – Genevieve & Taleen
  • Fridays in April:  Game Days – facilitated by John and Haile
  • Mon. Apr 2:  YA Book Club – facilitated by Sofia
  • Tue. Apr 3:  Opportunities for Summer Charter School (free summer school info session)
  • Wed. Apr 4:  Youth Network – Isabella
  • Wed. Apr 11:  GameMaker workshop – facilitated by Kristina
  • Mon. Apr. 16:  TAB meeting
  • Wed. Apr. 18:  Movie Night – Genevieve & Penelope


Tasks between meetings:

  • Game maker lesson practice – Kristina & Taleen
  • Summer Robotics competition – Sophie & Kristina
  • Youth leadership groups interview series for Teens Blog
  • MaKey MaKey interviews – Faith
  • Teen Zine – Haile

Past agendas:

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