Pasadena Public Library – Teen Advisory Board

Pasadena Health Department – Youth MOVE National

Joint Meeting 2/26/2018, 6pm


Present: Armand, Brittany, Chris, Denisse, Enrique, Faith, Jane L, John, Jonathan G, Jonathan H, Laure, Liliana, Luke, Maya, Penelope, Sofia, Sophie, Taleen, Thomas, Isabella, & Youth MOVE National


Focus of February meeting: Mental Health




Introductions (15 minutes)

Teen Advisory Board (TAB) – Jane G

Youth MOVE National (YMN) – Te


Discussion (50 minutes)

  • Youth Network – Jane G
  • Feb.’s Youth Network training – Geoff
  • Power in You campaign – Geoff & Te
  • Pasadena Mental Health Day – Jane & Te
    • Planning the “Youth Empowerment Corner” at Pasadena Mental Health Day on May 19 (10am-2pm). We will be setting up an online registration form for the event and will share it once it’s available.


Open Floor (25 minutes)

Tobacco ads youth feedback – Te

Girl Scout Gold Star Project for Door of Hope (helping families and children experiencing homelessness) -Lauren [CLICK HERE FOR THE PRESENTATION]

TAB Marketing Committee is seeking more members; please contact Faith and Taleen if interested.


Information items

Upcoming Library events:

  • Wed. Feb. 28:  MaKey MaKey kids event – facilitated by Chris, Denisse, Jonathan G
  • Mon. Mar. 5:  YA Book Club – facilitated by Sofia
  • Wed. Mar. 7:  Youth Network – TAB Liaisons Jonathan G & Isabella Poschl
  • Fri. Mar. 9:  ArtNight – STEAM workgroup
  • Wed. Mar. 14:  Game Night – Brittany or Liliana?
  • Mon. Mar. 19:  TAB meeting
  • Thu. Mar. 29:  Writers Meetup – Sophie, Genevieve & Taleen


Upcoming YMN events:

  • Mon. Mar. 26: YMN meeting


Tasks between meetings:

  • TAB marketing succession plan – Maya, Faith, Taleen [CLICK HERE FOR MEETING NOTES]
  • Game maker series lesson plan – Kristina
  • Summer Robotics competition – Sophie & Kristina
  • Youth leadership groups interview series for Teens Blog


Past agendas:

Teen Advisory Board — January 2018

Teen Advisory Board — December 2017

Teen Advisory Board — November 2017

These notes are for record purposes only. For more information about attending events, please see our website:

To join the Teen Advisory Board, the application and description can be found on our website:

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