Pasadena Public Library, Teen Advisory Board, 11/20/2017


Present: Brittany, Chris, Denisse, Faith, Jane L, John, Jonathan G, Lauren, Luke, Sofia, Sophie, Taleen

Pre-meeting assignment: murder mystery survey

Focus of November meeting: STEAM 2018, winter events, murder mystery evaluation



Debrief (45 minutes)

  • Murder Mystery

For the most part, the event went really well and ran smoothly. Participants were impressed with the actors, the decorations, and the general organization of it all. During the debriefing, we noted a few improvements for next year: (1) Set clear deadlines, with a finish date of at least 3 weeks before the event; (2) A full run-through with characters in place, scripts, weapons in place, decorations plan, and location clues completed 2 weeks before the event; (3) Clearer instructions given to participants at the beginning including volunteers also educating on the instructions–not just staff.


Discussion: Committee work & other special roles (45 minutes)


Rethinking the committees and workgroups

  • We’ve decided to keep the Marketing and Volunteer Relations committees, possibly changing leadership because of outgoing/graduating TAB leaders.
  • Marketing committee should expand and have clear responsibilities for each person listed. Those responsible for social media should be present and live-posting during events.
  • A STEAM workgroup will be added with several subgroups. (1) STEAM Lab, (2) Game Room, (3) Culminating event & Robotics, (4) Monthly events
  • Volunteer Relations will continue as usual.


TAB Participation rules reminder:


Marketing committee – Maya, Penelope, Jonathan H, Genevieve

  • Instagram
  • L.A. Parent or other online calendars
  • Flyers & posters in Teen Central
  • Blog/Zine articles – tracking & goal
  • Tracking promotional power of TAB
  • New folder for event photos has been added to the TAB Google Drive folder. Please load photos from events here.


Volunteer Relations – Jane L, Trisha, Lauren

  • TAB onboarding list
  • New badges & name tags
  • Succession plan


STEAM Workgroup

  • STEAM Lab
  • Game Room – John & Chris (VR)
  • Culminating event & Robotics – Sophie, Kristina
  • Monthly events – Jonathan G, Denisse, Chris


Current roles of TAB members:

  • Brittany – game nights
  • Chris – STEAM -VR
  • Denisse – STEAM
  • Enrique –
  • Faith – Blog Assistant
  • Genevieve – movie night facilitator, backup writers meetup facilitator
  • Haneen – adviser, Teen Zine proofreader
  • Jane L – volunteer orientations M, W, Th 4pm+
  • John – STEAM -VR
  • Jonathan G – STEAM
  • Jonathan H – homework help
  • Kristina – blog designer, STEAM
  • Lauren – rep at Youth Council
  • Liliana – team leader
  • Luke –
  • Maya – Teen Zine designer, Instagram
  • Mckenna – book club facilitator, backup writers meetup facilitator
  • Penelope – Instagram
  • Sofia E – homework help
  • Sophie – STEAM, Writers meetup facilitator
  • Thomas – rep at Pasadena Youth Project
  • Trisha –


Other volunteer special roles (not including teen book reviewers):

  • Ioana – Copy Editor
  • Lucy – general weekly library assistance, bestsellers, volunteer hours update
  • Alexis K – general weekly library assistance, volunteer orientations
  • Alexis S – homework helper
  • Sofia A – homework helper
  • Hadley – VOYA reviewer



  •         Help facilitate monthly book club meetings and write a review for the blog; come up with interesting discussion questions and discuss the books with other teens.
  •         Meetings take place on the 1st Monday of each month at 6pm.
  •         Must love to read, have good writing skills, meet deadlines, and likes talking to others about books


  •         Attend Youth Network meetings (1st Wed of each month at 4-6pm) and report back to the Teen Advisory Board at meetings (3rd Mon of each month at 6pm)


  •         Did anyone attend the Murder Mystery and want to write about it for the Zine?  I’m looking for articles between 300-500 words. Due December 15.
  •         Seeing articles up to 1000 words about community-related project or youth literacy related topic. Due MARCH 2018


  •         Help kids in grades K-8 with homework
  •         4-6pm, Weekly commitment (that means every week for as many weeks as you can during the school year).
  •         Age 15 or older


  •         Maintain and create displays in Teen Central (including bulletin board, book displays, and mental health resource center)
  •         Monthly commitment at 4 hours or every other week at 2 hours – depends on display needs
  •         Must be artistic or crafty, creative, with an interest in books, graphic design, and mental health


  •         Monitor video game consoles, games, and equipment (Nintendo Switch, Xbox)
  •         Monitor usage of virtual reality sets
  •         Monitor room (have people sign in, monitor order of participants)
  •         Weekly commitment, one day a week M-F 4-6pm
  •         You’ll need to get a waiver signed.


  •         Monitor STEAM lab room, equipment, and materials which includes 3D printers, laser cutters, sewing machine, computers and software.
  •         STEAM Lab hours are tentatively M-Th 4-8pm and Sat 1-5pm
  •         You’ll need to get a waiver signed.


Open floor (10 minutes)

White elephant for our Dec meeting – Less than $20 (can be $0); cool, geeky, or bookish gift.  You can make it, re-gift something new, or buy… however, please no gag gifts (like a stinky sock or toilet seat); no one actually wants to end up with this.  What “geeky” topics are you all interested in? Please take the survey so the group can have an idea of what everyone likes. Wrap your gift before the next meeting. If you cannot get a gift, that’s okay! Ms. Jane will have some extras. Do not skip out on the meeting just because you can’t get a gift. It’s not as important as showing up!


Y.E.S. Grants – Do we want to do this?  Some ideas: Landscape outside the new STEAM lab, redesign Teen Central, Little Free libraries (make sure you’re not overlapping with Flintridge Foundation’s current efforts)… others?


Information items

Joint meetings with Youth Council & Pasadena Youth Project in 2018


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