August 2017

Hot and Steamy Novels

  The heat is on and Southern California is hot, hot, hot. We hope you’re being able to stay cool in this heat wave; remember that you can always come […]

graffiti art images of owl and hummingbirds by Jay Galvin

Join us Thursday, August 24 at Central Library for “Of those barren fields without culture…Three Decades of Art in Baja California: From the Retinal to the Conceptual.” Mexican artist and […]

Are you eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship?

Naturalize Now is a national campaign, which the City of Pasadena is participating in, to encourage eligible permanent residents of the United States to apply for citizenship. The library has […]

Blurry picture of people with sparklers.

While we are beginning to understand more about how memory works, the idea of amnesia is still a profoundly unsettling disorder because of the way that it strikes at our […]

San Rafael Branch Library around the time of its opening.

On July 31st sixty years ago, the San Rafael Branch opened its doors on the corner of Nithsdale Road and Avenue¬†64 to a crowd of excited residents and city officials. […]

Man Booker Prize Longlist

The 2017 Man Booker Prize Longlist was announced last Wednesday, July 26th.¬†The British-based Man Booker Prize for Fiction, first awarded in 1969, is open to writers of any nationality, provided […]