Pasadena Public Library – Teen Advisory Board, 06/20/2020



  • Alonso
  • Leo
  • Lauren
  • Luke
  • Cassie
  • Ella
  • Will



  • Attend 1 virtual library program, if you haven’t yet since March:  Research and report: conduct some field studies on virtual programs ~ it could be one of ours, or another library system. 


Debrief / followup: 

  • YA Book Club – July’s meeting will be part of levelUP
  • Sketches and More
  • Paint & Sip – over 100 registrants!
  • SRC
  • Introduced new interns – Alonso, Ella, Will
    • Alonso – create training videos for volunteers & ilab; will work with Will on ilab videos
    • Ella – work on Zine (will work with Chloe); plus attend levelUP & write an article
    • Will – create 3D design for library/city 3D printed keychains; ilab training videos with Alonso
  • Game day
    • Teen Skribble Game, Fri. July 17, 4pm ~ date change
    • Join us for a fun and relaxing virtual doodle guessing game (like Pictionary)! To play, you’ll need internet access and a tablet or computer. For teens only.
    • Led by Haile, Noah, Luke, Leo
  • levelUP 4 ~
    • Pasadena Media 4-session series (W & Th afternoon, July 29-Aug 6)
    • (storytelling in video (incl storyboarding); camera techniques; discussion; final)
    • Two interns will take this session. Is there at least one TAB member who would like to?



  • Board game collection – due Thurs. ~ Any specific games you want me to get? 
  • Video game collection – due Thurs. ~We’ll start with Switch games. Any specific games you want me to get? Must be rated teen or younger.
  • TAB alumni panel for levelUP ~ questions posed to TAB alumni (confirmed panelists so far:  Julia S, Kara, Haneen, Angel, Faith)
    • Tell us a bit about yourself. 
    • (Name, current school, major (if any), year you graduated high school, which high school you attended, which Pasadena volunteer programs you participated in.) 
    • Do you remember thinking what college life was like when you were in high school? Is it different from what you imagined?
    • Were there any immediate surprises in college/adulthood?
    • Were there things you wish they taught (or spent more time on) in high school?
    • What about majors? Did any of you already know what you wanted to major in or what you want to do with that education? Did any of you steer away from your intended major?
    • Has anyone ever given you some really good life advice? Or has anyone said anything that really struck a chord with you? (whether it’s someone you know personally or not)
    • What about bad advice? 
    • What concerns you about your generation?
    • What concerns do you have about the slightly younger generation? What hopes do you have for today’s kids? 
    • Is there anything surprising that you discovered about yourself since graduating high school? (examples are a new hobby or interest, a daily routine, or perhaps you discovered you’re really a morning person)
    • Looking back, what do you miss from your time as a teen? (nostalgia)
    • Besides graduating, what are you looking forward to?
    • Besides doing schoolwork, how have you continued learning and growing?


Please attend the panel and think of other Q&A you’d like to ask.

  • From Lauren:  What skills did you learn in TAB that has helped you after high school?



  • Videos ~ breakout sessions – at least 1 question
  • We will schedule additional practice sessions (Lauren + Genevieve; Luke + Noah + Leo; Cassie; + any other outgoing seniors?)
  • THANK YOU to Lauren and Luke for being brave and stepping up to practice during the meeting!


Information items: 

  • Pasadena / Glendale lending partnership ending
  • Library building reopening plans
  • Current TAB members:  Genevieve, Cassie, Noah, Luke, Leo
  • Current TAB advisors:  Julia S, Angel, Kara, Haneen, Lauren


For video interviews: 

  • What’s a memorable experience you had on TAB?
  • Why should someone join TAB?
  • What made you stay on TAB?
  • What makes TAB or your volunteer experience unique?
  • What do you think the library means to teens or this community?
  • Notes about Content – information to include
  •         Mission statement for teen board 
  •         What members learned from the experience
  •         How has TAB shaped your character
  •         Importance of teen voice
  •         What the library offers 
  •         Clearly shows goal of group / values they advocate


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