Dream Catcher Story Contest

Honorable Mention

(Category 2: grades 6-8)


“A Dream Becoming a Nightmare”

by Emelina Hakhnazaryan

Age 12, Grade 7


I shut my eyes

For the night’s rest.

In rushed to my head

A vision so absurd

I was left paralyzed.


For I saw a person

That I know to be dead.

With his body deep

In the ground where it can

Not be reached nor exhumed.


He laughed and joked

As if it were a prank.

That he was alive

All these years.


Watching us cry from

A tree so tall that it was

In the clouds where

No one could climb.


I asked him “What are

We going to do with

Your grave?”

He jokingly replied

“We’ll save it for next time.”


I pinched myself not

Knowing what to think.

But nothing happened

Nothing had changed.


As I reached to touch

Him I began to shiver.

My hand slowly touched

Him and I became sacred.

As if I was in a haunted maze.


My fantasy of a dream

Slowly turned to a nightmare.

I tried to wake up

But I failed as I

was still looking at him.


I started running

For many miles.

He followed me like

My guardian angel.


Not letting any harm

To come to me.

Suddenly I wasn’t scared.

But I felt a feeling of comfort

Come upon me.


I laid in his arms.

The longer I was

there I felt his

Heartbeat getting

Slower and slower.


Suddenly my eyes opened.

For this was

Nothing but an astonishing



Relieved but disappointed

I went on with my day.

Knowing that this was

All in my head.


For I had dreamed

About my late uncle.

Whose memory always

Lies in my mind.



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