Dream Catcher Story Contest

Honorable Mention

(Category 2: grades 6-8)


“Catching Nightmares”

by Maggie Hartigan

Age 12, Grade 6


     Yawn. I’m so tired. I can’t wait to go to bed. I’m Avery, by the way. I glance up at my dreamcatcher, which hasn’t been doing a very good job lately. “Piece of junk,” I say under my breath. I know, I know, not very nice. But hey, if I wanted nightmares, would I have bought a dreamcatcher? Oh well. It’s fine. I settle into bed as my parents come in to say goodnight. “Goodnight, Mom. Goodnight, Dad. I love you,” I say, yawning loudly. “We love you too, Avery,” my dad says and switches out the light. I yawn again. I’m so….sleepy. I c-can’t keep my eyes open… Suddenly, my dreamcatcher lights up and starts humming. Then it spins around and pulls me inside!

     I open my eyes in a new place. It has trees with red and orange leaves. It’s fall, I realize. Ok, I think. I just have to find out where I am, and get home. “AWOOO,” sounds a howl in the distance. Wolves! “AWOOOO,” it sounds again closer this time. Oh no! They’re tracking me. I run through the trees, aware of the howl getting closer, until the wolves are only six feet away snapping at my heels! I am so scared I don’t notice a root up ahead, and I trip! I’m falling, and then I see the wolves’ teeth getting closer. I scream for help and then I black out.

     I’m experiencing all the nightmares in my dreamcatcher. I am stung by a million wasps. I fall off a cliff. Mom dies. And SO MUCH more.

     I groggily open my eyes and find that I’m in my bed in my bedroom. I yawn as I see daylight streaming through the curtains. I resolve never to insult my dreamcatcher again!



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