Dream Catcher Story Contest

Honorable Mention

(Category 2: grades 6-8)


“I’m Not the Only One”

by Grace Petoyan

Age 13, Grade 8


Who me? A dreamer? No, I don’t dream.

It’s all within my head. I make senseless

goals like buying pints of ice cream.


I watch slideshows in my sleepy head about

being Mozart or Bach. My grandmother works

with threads—teaches a toddler like me to walk.


I may be a dreamer. I may think, achieve, sleep,

awake… repeat. I dare to defend hurting people

or represent those who are about to break.


Once I dreamt for peace and justice,

but I was told that wasn’t in. John Lennon said,

“I’m not the only one.” Really?


I try not to dream with certainty. I don’t want

to be the driest toast when someone finds out.

Is it illegal to share my own dreams?


Ornery people will roast me. “Ignore

what others say,” I tell myself.

A charred dream is nothing to boast.


Wait for others to scream, “Holy Cow!”

I keep dreaming about the garlic knotted desires

of my heart like wild geese over cold streams.



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