recap by McKenna Blackshire, grade 8

There is always something daunting about seeing or even being a part of a tight-knit community such as WriteGirl. WriteGirl is “a creative writing and mentoring organization that promotes creativity, critical thinking, and leadership skills to empower teen girls.” They give teen girls the opportunity to work with a writing mentor that they can meet with once a week and host public events where members can get together and attend mini writing workshops with guest speakers and teachers. After having participated in only one event, I could see the unspoken connections that everyone in the room shared. They were all there because of the passion they had for writing. The sense of community was shown in how kind everyone was, striking up conversations with those they didn’t know. The event started with three unique speakers, each bringing their own take and perspective on writing and manipulating writing to highlight their passions and talents in their own forms of the medium. Each of the speakers lead a workshop. I participated in one that revolved around the appreciation of your heritage and your family. We each recalled a loved one and used them as a way to inspire our writing. It was a very different experience because, for me, my writing revolves around my idealistic standards. It pushed me to try writing in different ways, such as using others in my life as inspiration. Write Girl is an amazing opportunity for aspiring teenage writers, those who love writing as a hobby, or those who just want to get better at it. It allows you to write in a way that a typical English class would not.


Try these poetry prompts

Describe an activity you do in the springtime

What does summer taste like?

What Place do you like to go in the winter?

What are the sights and sounds of fall?

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