Teen Advisory Board 10/3/2015

Present:  Haneen, Hadley, Cady, Chris, Lauren, Maya, Kara


Test Young Readers League Scavenger Hunt

A hunt for kids ages 8-12.  For our author event on Nov. 17.

Clues are fine, but will need a worksheet explaining which clues go in which order.


Winter break activities vote

Sat. Dec. 12, Mon-Wed – Dec. 21-23 or Dec. 28-30. We can do 3-4 events.

Last year we did game night, snow globes, gingerbread houses, but we don’t want to do the same thing two years in a row.


vote on the following ideas or add your own:

  • book clocks
  • metal etching + no cook truffles (pre-made ganache)—teens can scoop ganache filling then coat with crushed peppermints, peanuts, cocoa, powdered sugar, etc.
  • mini book charms
  • design your own magnet gifts, 4 magnets & mini painted metal box
  • steampunk jewelry
  • game tournament w pizza
  • book swap instead of book club , or both together

Added ideas:

  • ornaments
  • cards
  • finger scarves
  • decorate your own mugs
  • stockings


Dec. 12:  decorate your own mugs

Dec. 21:  metal etching + no cook truffles

Dec. 28-29:  book swap and games w pizza


Someone will need to do research on decorating your own mugs.  Can we do this within 2 hours?  Can this be done without an oven?  How long does it take the paint to dry?


Murder Mystery

Assignments and break up into work groups:


Decor — Meep

Scripts — Haneen & Hadley

Locations & clues — Cady, Maya, Chris, Lauren

Weapons & clues — Kara


What we need to do:

Work on finalizing clues and scripts — Due OCT 13 in Google Docs

Create map

Make clues — Cady, Maya, & Kara will work extra shifts


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