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Legacy of Kings by Eleanor Herman


This is a retelling of Alexander the Great as a youth. Before Alexander conquered the world, he was still living in the shadow of his father, a one-eyed “barbarian” conqueror. The book also follows other people: one hopeful warrior, one actual warrior (and Alexander’s best friend), a betrothed princess, an angry princess, and a girl with a vendetta.
The setting is tension filled. Knowing that Alexander is destined to be one of the greatest military strategist ever, fills you with anticipation. This is a time when magic is still real and, while the Age of Gods is ending, their memory is still very near. Anything and everything is possible. After reading this book, I had a slight obsession with knowing more about the actual Alexander. While all of the characters’ lives are intertwined with magic and each other, they live at court and, with court, comes intrigue. The tensions between kingdoms is palpable and fascinating. This is a time when marriage is usually used for strategy and alliances. It’s a pretty intriguing world.
Despite the fact that the setting is very different from today, the people are relatable. Characters act in fairly realistic ways. At times, they were a little too much (too obsessive, too passionate, etc.) for me to relate to. They are also pretty aggravating. It took a while for me to like characters. Some  were just so stubborn and/or self-centered that I couldn’t deal with them anymore, but they do grow on you. By the end, I was rooting for all for them.
The plot itself was alright. It’s pretty slow and kind of anticlimactic. It’s definitely one of those books that’s setting up for the next installment in the series, and, as a result, it wasn’t the most amazing opener. It’s drawn out, but it is a buildup. Once you get into the storyline, you’re hooked. I certainly will be looking forward to the next book.
Overall, I recommend this to anyone looking for a book with a cool twist on history, but not for anyone that doesn’t like slower books. 4 stars. –Kara, teen reviewer

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