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War of the Worlds illustrations

This Saturday, August 25 at 2 p.m. at the Central Library, we’ll be having a very special screening of the 1953 film War of the Worlds based on the book […]


  This Saturday, March 11, marks the centennial of Will Eisner, the man who popularized the term and concept of “graphic novel.” Join us at 2:00 pm at Central Library’s […]

National Coming Out Day

Today is National Coming Out Day and Pasadena is celebrating with its Inaugural National Coming Out Day Celebration tonight, October 11, from 6:30-8:30. This will a super fun event with […]

Banned Books Week Celebrating Diversity

Banned Books Week is here again and this year it’s focused on celebrating diversity. Many of the books that are often challenged, while not challenged specifically on grounds of diversity, feature diverse […]

Comics: Read One Today!

In honor of our newest resource, ComicsPlus Library Edition, which offers hundreds of digital comics to check out on your smartphone, tablet or computer, we thought we’d share just a […]

Excellent Literary Fathers

Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday, June 19th so make sure to let your dad or the father figure in your life know how much he means to you. Great […]

Wind farm

On Thursday 1/28 the Pasadena Public Library will be having Robert Haw, a physicist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and co-founder of the Pasadena Foothills chapter of the Citizens Climate Lobby, speaking […]

September 27th to October 3rd is Banned Books Week this year, during which libraries, bookstores, and other institutions all over the country are celebrating the freedom to read what we […]

Fairy Tale Castle

Fairy tales permeate our storytelling culture, with many writers drawing from the fairy and folk tales of many different cultures around the world. These stories, with their familiar structures and archtypal characters, […]

Celebrate the Freedom to Read: 6 Great Comic Books and Graphic Novels

This week was Banned Books Week, a week dedicated to raising awareness of the challenges to books in schools and libraries that still occur all over the country. This year Banned […]