PPL140: 1975-1989

  Ragtime by E. L. Doctorow, 1975 Set in New York City at the turn of the century, Ragtime focuses on a representative cross-section of America in the era prior […]

Listen Up! Audiobooks

  Some narrators do such a great job that they really enhance the “reading” experience. If you listen to a lot of audiobooks and have favorite narrators, you can search […]

Photo of boy and staff reading books (Allendale Branch Library: Image Source: Pasadena Digital History--Pasadena Public Library collection) with text: "1960-1974"

The years from 1960-1974 were (famously) an era of social change, political turmoil, and generational conflict. Works published during these years addressed themes including race and racism; mental health institutionalization; […]

Image of painting "Compartment C Car" (1938) by Edward Hopper with text: "1940-1959"

  The Iceman Cometh [play] by Eugene O’Neill, 1946 The play is set in New York City in 1912 and chronicles the lives of a group of lonely denizens who […]

Celebrate World Book Day!

April is a very literary month. National Poetry Month is in April and so is National Library Week, and on April 23 it’s National Shakespeare Day, the same day that […]

A record store in the palm of your hands! See what you find on hoopla!

Those who grew up with record stores like Tower Records, Penny Lane Records, and many other smaller music shops will probably remember how fun it was to browse through the […]

Image of Painting: "Quentin Bell, Reading" by vanessa Bell, with text: "1930-1945"

From 1930-1945, the world saw a great deal of suffering and conflict. The Great Depression, which began with the Wall Street crash in October 1929, and the Dust Bowl, only […]

Portrait of Pierre Olin Reading, 1887 - Theo van Rysselberghe (painting of young man holding reading a book wearing a monocle) and art deco style graphics around text: "1915-1929"

Many big changes came along in the next 15 years in the US, and the world. The Great War, to be redubbed World War I after we survived a second […]

Image of painting "The Reader" (1910) by Harold Knight, and text: "1900-1914"

The following books were published between the dawn of the new century –the Progressive Era–and the outbreak of World War I. The list of bestsellers for each year comes from […]

Blog Graphic: Painting of Woman Reading ("A Study for Paradise Lost" by Mihaly Munkacsy, 1899, public domain) with Art Nouveau-style scrolls and text: "1884-1899"

We thought we’d kick off our Pasadena Public Library 140th Anniversary celebration with titles published during the Library’s first decade and a half. The classic titles below are all still […]