Review by Hailey Chen, 13

This will be Funny Someday By Katie Henry

16-year old Isabel Vance, better known as Izzy V in some places, describes herself as a miniature pig in her family of golden retrievers. Accidentally walking into a stand-up comedy club is definitely not what her family would expect of her, but she finds it surprisingly freeing. And freedom is exactly what she needs right now. As she continues to sneak out to perform stand-up comedy with her new college friends, her life starts to clash together. Will Izzy hide who she truly is and hide what she loves, or will she stand up for herself and her newfound passion?
This will be Funny Someday is an emotional rollercoaster of hilarious disasters and emotional moments that will make you tear up. A perfect mix of life lessons and devastating descriptions. The main character is someone that I’m sure people find easy to identify with and the author perfectly describes her complex emotions and flawlessly creates metaphors. The writing was phenomenal and the characters were lovable all in their own ways. The hoops and hurdles that were created for Izzy to jump over and leap through fit together like puzzle pieces and the feelings of Izzy were written so raw and untouched. This book capitalizes on the experience of feeling like you’re absolutely nothing and then slowly finding the place that makes you feel comfortable like you matter. And I love nothing more than seeing a character stand up for themselves and reading about their emotions and thoughts while doing it. Of course, there were scenes where I wanted something to happen differently, but when I thought about it some more, I realized that this is written to describe real people with real emotions and how maybe I need to see their perspective instead. In conclusion, a wonderful read that made me sob and jump for joy.
5 stars.

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