Pasadena Public Library – Teen Advisory Board, 2/15/2020


Present: Sophie, Taleen, Leon, Haile, Noah, Liam


Focus of February meeting: summer programs


Pre-meeting assignment 1: send Jane an updated photo and bio for our website;

Pre-meeting assignment 2: summer reading prize research


Supplies: Teen Writing Submissions flyer; projector w/internet to view prizes & websites




Debrief & upcoming (5 min)

  • Game Day – Fri. Feb 21 – Noah
  • Youth Network – Wed. Mar 4 – job applications
  • Build-A-Bear – Mon. Mar 9 – Genevieve
  • Every Day movie discussion – Mon. April 6 – Genevieve


Summer prize votes (20 min) 

Results for top choices: 

  1. Sticky notes notebook
  2. Very nice pen
  3. Plushie keychain – animals; yuru-chara
  4. Reusable straw


Project discussions (55 min)

  • Teen Zine – the future of it and sustainability
    • Teen Writing Submissions
      • Summer topics: creative topics. Fiction. Open ended. Longer submission period. Opening line prompts.
      • School year – extra credit. Why reading matters. Why are libraries essential? 
      • Run it as a contest
  • TAB Video
    • Pasadena Media will help us with our video!
    • TAB members work on crafting what to say; start recording each other
      • Questions to consider: 
        • What’s a memorable experience you had on TAB?
        • Why should someone join TAB?
        • What made you stay on TAB?
        • What makes TAB or your volunteer experience unique?
  • TAB website –
    • Haile, Cassie. Working on restructuring content on the TAB page on the Teens Blog and on the Teens Volunteer page on the library’s main website. 
  • Philanthropy project (30 min)
    • Possible topics: to drive SRC?/summer program; branch project; relating back to our vision; Sustainability, literacy, teen voice/drive
    • Application + present idea + panel interview
    • Grant amount – can be up to $2500
    • Project period:  spring or summer; two periods
    • Age 13-17
    • A contract would need to be created for applicant to complete project
    • Several rounds of voting (application votes from TAB, then staff interviews)
    • TAB will be piloting summer project (application, training, plan, implementation)


New business: 

  • TAB party – gaming, VR. May party
  • TAB Video premier


Information items

  • Next TAB meeting – Saturdays, 4-5:30pm
    • March 14
  • Future TAB agenda items
    • Summer family event (Harry Potter)
    • Record videos
    • Update TAB website

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