Pasadena Public Library – Teen Advisory Board, 12/09/2019


Present: Emilie, Liam, Leon, Cassie, Julia, John, Haile, Taleen

Focus of December meeting: strategic plan / TAB timeline & recruitment marketing

Supplies: LEGO Robotics set; arts and craft ideas & previous events; laptops




Welcome (5 min)


Debrief & upcoming (20 min)

  • Youth Network (next meeting – Jan 8?) – Leon, Julia, 
  • Teen Crafts – In 2020 will be moving to quarterly to rotate with a kids (ages 9-14) event and teen movie discussion.
    • Dec 16 – all ages DIY snow globes (We have 50 people signed up with 20 on the waitlist. Online registrations are no longer being accepted.) – Genevieve, Liam?
    • Jan 18 – LEGO Robotics – Sophie & Emilie; when’s the earliest they can be sent here for us to go through them? Hastings has a program on Jan. 11 (one week before our event).
    • Feb – movie? – Genevieve, Liam?  to facilitate discussion –MOVED TO APRIL ~ delay due to priority in TAB recruitment and video
      • Closed on Feb. 12 (Wed) & 17 (Mon). Educator Night is on Mon. Feb. 24. Other possible dates are Mon. Feb 3 or 10, on a Tues. night, or Wed. Feb. 19 or 26. In the small conference room?
    • Mar – teen craft? – We have Mon. Mar 16 reserved in the Studio for crafts; do we want to go with this date and time?
    • Apr – movie?
    • May – Mental Health Day
    • Jun – teen craft?
    • Jul – kids event (Harry Potter) & levelUP Youth Conference
    • Aug – movie?
    • Sep-Nov – no extra programs
  • Allendale Library looking to start a teen-volunteer facilitated crafts program (Genevieve will stop by to observe.)


Discussion (20 min)

  • Video: What should we include? How long should it be?
    • 5-8 min (stick closer to 5 minutes). Programs. Partnerships. YMP & how we’re connected. Making a difference. Skills you learn as you’re planning. Connected to your interests.
  • Website: let’s update! How can we make it easier to understand? Should we make an infographic?


Workgroups (45 min)

  • Video – Liam
    • Will work with Jane on putting together a full outline; then we will invite members to be interviewed. Jane will work with library staff on helping to record and put the video together. 
  • Website – Haile, Cassie
    • Working on restructuring content on the TAB page on the Teens Blog and on the Teens Volunteer page on the library’s main website. In general, should be less wordy and buttons/menu should be in a better place.
  • LEGO Robotics – Emilie will check with Sophie
  • Feb movie – Leon, John
    • Decided on Every Day
  • Mar craft – Julia, Taleen, Emilie
    • Bounced around ideas and came up with a “build a bear” concept.


Information items


Notes from last meeting

  • When you think of your experience with TAB, what stands out to you?
  • What will make being on TAB meaningful and how can we retain members?
  • Why will people join?
  • Think of your relationship with the library (any library) in 5 years. What do you expect from your library? What do you think your library can offer?
  • What will teens value in TAB (both as a member or a participant of a TAB program)?
  • What will the next generation of teens want from their community hub?
  • What will be the reasons teens will use/come/attend library services (remember that services are broad)?
  • What Pasadena organization or group do you think TAB should partner with?
  • What should be our relationship with other community organizations? Where/what should we have a presence?
  • Review your activity questions
  • 3 main focus areas: events, advocacy, advisory
  • What should we base our strategic plan on?
  • How are we different than other teen groups?
  • Sustainability 

Comments: Wants to contribute to life-long learning, relevant to teens, improve teen library experience

People join TAB because it looks good on a resume, but people stay because of the experience. We don’t advertise all the cool stuff that TAB does. Members connect with others; they’re respected like adults; it’s rewarding to see the workgroups thrive and succeed and see participants enjoy something that TAB has implemented. Learn while having an impact.

For future: We should partner with more prevalent orgs such as humane society. Add TAB members testimonials on website. Make a really good video with TAB members saying all the things they like about being a member. Add a slideshow of TAB members’ projects on webpage.

  • Next TAB meeting – Saturdays, 4-5:30pm
    • January – meeting after LEGO Robotics
  • Future TAB agenda items
    • Picture of ALL TAB
    • Record video
    • Update TAB website

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