Review by Jasmine Sov, 13

Dance of Thieves By Mary E. Pearson

Mary E. Pearson’s fantasy/sci-fi novel Dance of Thieves follows reformed thief, Kazi, and outlaw leader, Jase, as they meet under not-very-convenient circumstances, fall in love, and save the kingdom, one betrayal at a time. Oh, and did I mention that they fall in love?
Although the book features a strong female lead (which I did enjoy), the story felt a bit fast-paced. By page 113, they’re very much in love, with teenage emotions running unbridled around the wilderness…literally. In addition, just until that chapter, she had hated him.
The plot was also quite confusing at times. One minute she’s making out with him…one minute he’s fighting off other people…the next minute they’re at a party drinking spirits…it was just too hard to follow. Because of that, I felt that I couldn’t really get the full story. To fix this issue, the author could have clipped off some unneeded flowery speech.
3 stars.

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