Young Readers League 2018 Writing Contest

Honorable Mention

Category 2 (ages 12-14)


Hannah Cahalan

Age 12 (Grade 7), Blair Middle School

“Who Reads The Waterfall On The Other Side”


The mage stared at the waterfall as it glinted in the sun

The water rushing down as it filled up the lake bellow

He drew his wand and began to write onto the waterfall as if it were paper,

And in it, he wrote a message to whoever could see.

“I am a powerful mage

“I have so much to desire,

“But I am very lonely

“I need someone to help me”


Several days later, the mage returned to the waterfall

The glare of the light blinded his eyes

He saw someone had replied

To his cry of loneliness


“Hello, great mage” the water read

“I’m here to answer your plea

“For whenever you feel sadness,

“Come back here and write to me”


The mage pondered as to who

The other person could be

But now, at least, he had someone

Who cared about his feelings


He wrote along the water

Another tale of sorrow

His sadness being poured

Into the words that he scrawled


“I had a beautiful wife

“I loved her more than anything

“But one day she vanished into thin air

“And I can’t find her anywhere”


Immediately something on the other end

Began to compose a reply

“Maybe instead of searching for her and worrying

“You should find out why”


“You should find out why she left

“Or what could have taken her

“It’s ok to worry, everyone does,

“But you can’t stretch yourself thin with it”


“You sound just like my wife” the mage wrote

And then he began to cry

“It’s ok” the other wrote

“It’s ok to cry” it replied

Thank you to our judges: McKenna Blackshire, Alaina Joby, Nick Smith

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