Review by Satya Rajendra, Grade 7


Away We Go by Emil Ostrovski

Away We Go is a fictional novel about the deadly virus called the Peter Pan Virus, or PPV (The Peter Pan Virus is inspired by a real life computer virus of the same name). The main story is centered on Noah Falls, a boy with a pessimistic view on life after his diagnosis with PPV. He is first sent to a school called Richmond, but is soon transferred to Westing, a government-funded school for those with PPV. There he makes some new friends, and goes on some adventures with them.

This is a good book for teens to read, and the maturity level is also for teens and up. Some of the content is more mature than other parts, and some content could disturb some readers. As such this book is recommended for older teens to adults to read.

Overall, this book is very enjoyable, I had a lot of fun reading it. The book was very funny and I had a good laugh while reading. I really would like to read more books by the author, and other books just like it.

I would rate it 4.6/5.

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261 pages

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