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The kawaii doll making workshop winded down the afternoon at the library. We made a little duck named Elizabeth. This is a character from the anime Gintama that the Anime Club watched earlier in the day. To make the doll, we first cut out different colored felt from stencils, then we sewed it together. The instructor, Liane Shih, is a professional doll maker and showed us different types of stitches and methods to put together a doll. For some people, sewing came naturally and they quickly put together the doll in one and a half hour. Others got frustrated with sewing or cutting, and went home with an unfinished doll and materials (but of course they still had fun!). Overall, it was a fun afternoon filled with cheerful laughter and cries of rage.

Gintamawkshp1 Gintamawkshp3 

Gintamawkshp2 Gintamawkshp4 Gintamawkshp5 Gintamawkshp6 Gintamawkshp7 Gintamawkshp8 Gintamawkshp9 Gintamawkshp10 Gintamawkshp11 Gintamawkshp12 Gintamawkshp13


This workshop was conducted by Liane Shih on July 18, 2015 at Pasadena Central Library.  Photos by Liane Shih.

Check out her Etsy page to see more of her creations:

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