Review by Jesus Gonzalez, 15

Meet Cute Diary By Emery Lee

Meet Cute Diary by Emery Lee was an unforgettable love story. In it, Noah, a trans male teenager, is the host of one of the most popular blogs online “Meet cute Diary.” The blog centers around meet-cutes (the action of meeting someone in a cute, accidental way and then becoming a couple) but exclusively for trans people. The issue Noah is facing though is that all the stories he wrote are fake. This wasn’t a problem until a hater of the diary with access to the google search bar and a calculator does some basic math and discovers there is more posts than trans people. One day while at in an interview for a job at a bookstore, Noah meets Drew. Drew offers to fake date him to help save his diary and after a while, their fake relationship turns into a real one, but could all of this be too good to be true?
While the book started slow and then rushed through some key elements of the plot, it was unique, since it is kinda rare to find a book about an LGBT romance and even more in which the main character is trans. I only have but good things left to say about this book as I enjoyed reading it. The character development of Noah was great, seeing him grow from a shy teenager to his own person who no longer needs anything as he has all he ever wanted by the end of the book. I really related to Drew as I was and am still dealing with lots of the things he had to go through like how he does not feel comfortable as either a girl or a boy, and then struggles in finding the proper pronouns for himself. The book also tackles some serious issues such as trans abuse, suicide awareness, and abusive relationships, and you have to read the book to know more about that as it is some very spoiler-ridden territory.
Overall, this book is very sweet and has a nice light-hearted vibe to it. I loved the book and would probably put it in my top 5 just cause of how good it was. I would personally recommend this book to anyone as it does a good job at teaching people further about the more unknown aspects of the LGBT community.
5 stars.

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