Reviewed by Hailey Chen, age 14

Twin Crowns by Catherine Doyle and Katherine Webber

Wren Greenrock is in disguise. She has trained her entire life for the sole purpose of stealing back the throne from her twin sister, who doesn’t even know she exists, to finally give both witches and herself the justice they deserve. Once the plan is finally underway, Wren expects an easy wait until coronation but is sorely mistaken. Palace life is not easy, especially with confounding variables she didn’t expect—a dashing guard and reckless magic included. Is Wren able to stay hidden until the crown is on her head? 

Rose Valhart has been kidnapped. She was born prepared for the crown and anticipates her 18th birthday when it will finally be hers. However, when she wakes up in the desert with a charming kidnapper, she has no choice but to play along until she can find a way home. She doesn’t expect to find secrets lurking in history she thought she memorized; doesn’t expect to find family in the witches she feared the most; and doesn’t expect to find life outside the palace so endearing. Nevertheless, she still isn’t willing to give up her throne. No matter what it takes, Rose is determined to find her way back to the throne she was promised. 

Twin Crowns is a beautiful story that I adored from start to finish. The world is masterfully constructed and I loved the development of both the characters themselves and their relationships with others. It was fun being able to see both sisters’ perspectives in each chapter, and I especially liked the plot’s history. Wren was highly entertaining, and seeing how she adapted to palace life was exciting. Rose was how I originally predicted, but her character development was still fulfilling to read and I enjoyed how she turned out. When the sisters were together it was intriguing to see how they interacted, and their romantic interests were definitely swoon-worthy. The story dynamics, the emotion, and the language used were all executed in a way where the reader could feel what it’s like to experience the novel first-hand. Everything was tied together really well, to the point where I wasn’t expecting the ending at all, and I’m eagerly awaiting the next book so I can devour it in one sitting. I loved reading this book, and wouldn’t change a single thing about it.  

5 stars.

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