What is the Teens Blog? This is a blog for Pasadena Public Library Teen Services. It is about teens, for teens, or for educators/parents of teens in the Pasadena community area.

We also have a Kids Blog, General/Adult Blog, and a blog for our Archives. To check out the others, go to http://pasadena-library.net/

Who contributes to this blog? Library staff, teen volunteers, and teen program participants.

I’m a teen. How can I get something published or get featured on this blog? You can participate in our annual art and writing contests, become a teen volunteer and/or book reviewer for our library, attend events, or be an advocate for Pasadena youth services.

But I don’t live in the area. Can I still be a book reviewer or writer for this blog?  It’s okay if you don’t live in Pasadena, but because this blog represents the Pasadena community area, you must be be close enough to the library to participate in our programs (i.e. pick up review books, attend events, use our library spaces, advocate for youth services in Pasadena). There are a number of sites and magazines that publish teen work. Check out our resource list for Writing and Publishing.

What’s the difference between the Teens Blog and the regular Pasadena Public Library teen webpage? The blog is more dynamic and updated more frequently, with articles and relevant new content written by teens; however, not all content will be specific to the Pasadena Public Library. Some content might be about teens around our community, or opinion pieces by teen volunteers. The Teens website is for library specific information about programs and resources such as our events, services, and links to our official publications.

What about all those other resource links, like the Research list, the Book list, the YA book newsletter, or the Teen Newsletter?  Yes, we have a lot of resource links. Each resource serves a different purpose.

  • Teens Web Guide is for research about various teen topics. Think of some common topics teens are curious about. This guide pulls in information and narrows it down to hopefully the most relevant, accessible, and straightforward way for teens. There is a lot of information out there. This guide is a place to start.
  • Teens Book Suggestions guide is a reading suggestions guide for teens created by our library staff.
  • Teens & Young Adults Books monthly email newsletter is delivered directly to subscribers’ inboxes. It is updated monthly with our new book orders so you can put holds on it right away.
  • Teen Newsletter is a monthly email newsletter about teen events, new services, special announcements, and other opportunities in our community for teens.

Who’s responsible for the content on this blog? [see below]

Blog team:

Copy Editor:  Alyssa Ho (teen volunteer)
–Copy edits book reviews, articles, and stories for the Teens Blog and Teen Zine; prepares posts for publication; publishes posts; credits writers

Administrator:  Jane Gov, Librarian
–Solicits and approves contributors for articles, photos, and acquire and assign books to reviewers. jgov@cityofpasadena.net


Teen Blogger

Teens blog about a variety of topics: book reviews, event recaps, book lists, poems, stories, interviews, and opinions.

If you are a teen and interested in writing for us, please email Jane Gov at jgov@cityofpasadena.net. You must live in Pasadena and/or attend our events.

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Jane is a Youth Services Librarian (aka YA Librarian or Teen Librarian) at Pasadena Central Library. She purchases YA books for the library system and maintains the teen booklist, online resources, newsletters, and webpages. She oversees Teen & YA programs including Summer Reading, Teen Advisory Board, Zine, book reviewers, Mental Health Initiative, youth interns, and volunteers. She also coordinates the library’s Innovation Lab, STEAM Kits project, and Young Readers League. She has two corgis named Tyrion and Gimli.

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“I’m a youth services librarian working in the Children’s Room at the Pasadena Central Library. I purchase juvenile nonfiction books for all sites, juvenile Spanish books for all sites, and juvenile DVDs for the Central Library. I do a lot of programs with school-age kids, including Lucha Libros, Mother Daughter Book Club, the Kids’ Writing Workshop and Curiosity Machine. I am also in the Infant Toddler Storytimes rotation along with Miss Marie and Ms Jennifer. I love what I do and I love working with kids of all ages to inspire them to learn and use their curiosity and imaginations.”

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