Review by Hadley, teen reviewer

Love and Other Theories by Alexis Bass


Love is just a myth, a game, a theory to Aubrey Housing and her three best friends, Shelby, Danica, and Melissa. The four of them have come up with a set of guidelines to help them live the best possible high school experience and survive the world of boys.

The rules are simple (an overview):

  1. Do not give what you cannot bear to part with—mainly, your heart—because it is likely it will end up down the drain at the hands of your typical guy.
  2. No high school relationship will last, so take your pick of who, when, where, and how.
  3. Do this knowing that it will not matter in the long run. Do this living in the moment and not planning on a future with them in it.

Aubrey has made it to senior year following the rules to this game, but something threatens to throw everything she thought was true and dependable out the window–this something being new boy Nathan Diggs. The two instantly hit it off, ditching school and sharing secrets and throwing caution to the wind in every way possible.  However, tragedy strikes as Aubrey feels her hold on the theories—and Nathan—slipping.

This story is truly a great one because it makes you rethink everything you have ever thought was true. It can reevaluate your ideas of how to act, because the characters teach you what to and what not to do, even if they think their actions will have the opposite effect. The flow of the story is great, and there is never a dull moment. There is constant character development as the plot twists keep coming, and the story ends with lessons learned for both characters and readers.

Looking for a story on love, betrayal, friendship, and high school boys? Then this is your book! I recommend it to all my fellow romance fans that love a hint of humor.  This book is sure to make you laugh—and maybe even cry. 4 stars. –Hadley, teen reviewer



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