Pasadena Public Library – Teen Advisory Board, 1/18/2020

Present: Caeilee, Emilie, Genevieve, Haile, Leon, Noah, Sophie, Taleen

Focus of January meeting: recruitment & TAB marketing

Supplies: laptop with editing software + recording device; projector with computer to view videos




Wrap up LEGO Robotics & debrief (15-30 min)


TAB photo (10 min)


Debrief & upcoming (5 min)

  • Youth Network – Wed. Feb 5 – Taleen
  • Game Day – Fri. Feb 21
  • Build-A-Bear – Mon. Mar 9 – Genevieve
  • Every Day movie discussion – moved to April or May – Genevieve
  • City Council & School Board Meeting – Mon. Feb 3 – Liam


Prep for videos: (20 min)

  • Watch LAPL’s Teens Leading Change videos 
  • Watch other library TAB videos 
  • What makes these videos compelling? (notes from our members)
    • Troubleshooting on what to include in our video to make it more appealing to the audience
    • mission/statement/goal/purpose
    • problems/solutions/discussion themes
    • Content – information
      • Mission statement for library 
      • Primary target 
      • What you learned from the experience
      • How has TAB shaped your character
      • Repetition of “we believe”
      • Importance of teens
      • what teens have learned from the experience 
      • purpose : get teens opinions on things to make product better 
      • what skills have you gained from tab?
      • Mention best experiences 
      • What the library offers 
      • quote “stuff like that it’s pretty cool” is not great to include in the video
      • Clearly shows goal of group / values they try to spread
      • Like the project of connecting with older population
      • Third video, one of the volunteers talks about how the program has changed him – was shy but pushed through it
    • Who to include
      • Various TAB members
      • Staff – affirms to viewers that it’s organized by a professional and there’s staff support
    • Filming style
      • Rectangle stills, closeups on a face, music, graphics, lighting, different backgrounds (various areas in library), speaking confidently
      • Lots of action shots / videos
      • Different people talking at different points
      • Liked the sped up shot in the third video (although too many sped up ones)
      • Music in the background
      • Closed captioning
      • [Graphics] at the bottom explaining who the speaker is
      • Voice overs with action shots (B-Roll)
      • Slow panning up or down of people sitting at table
      • Fourth video seems scripted, so speakers look more comfortable and it looks more professional
      • Fifth video introductions of each person
      • Speakers gave info on their roles in TAB (subtitle)
    • Other things to consider
      • Outro with “discover more,” links, and group name; links & contacts list at the end
      • Pay attention to transitions & expressions of people in videos
      • Need good audio quality
      • Diction of speakers should sound professional, but not too scripted (still appealing to teens)
      • Speakers should sound interested and passionate about TAB
      • Fonts and themes are important – can make video seem outdated based on presentation



  • Video – we will work with Pasadena Media
    • 2-5 min (stick closer to 5 minutes). Programs. Partnerships. YMP & how we’re connected. Making a difference. Skills you learn as you’re planning. Connected to your interests.
    • Work on your interviews; Questions to consider: 
      • What’s a memorable experience you had on TAB?
      • Why should someone join TAB?
      • What made you stay on TAB?
      • What makes TAB or your volunteer experience unique?
  • Website – Haile, Cassie, Genevieve
    • Working on restructuring content on the TAB page on the Teens Blog and on the Teens Volunteer page on the library’s main website. 
      • Draw it out
        • Infographic: levelup youth conference, murder mystery, summer reading, movie nights, craft days, volunteer hours, strategic plan & objectives
      • Type it out (content)
      • Schedule a meeting with Jane. We’ll sit together and move the format for the Teens Blog and post the new content. For the library website, we will submit to city IT.


Information items

  • Next TAB meeting – Saturdays, 4-5:30pm
    • February 15 – pre-meeting assignment is an updated photo and bio for our website; summer reading prize research
  • Future TAB agenda items
    • Summer reading prizes
    • Summer family event (Harry Potter)?
    • practice recording videos
    • Record videos
    • Update TAB website


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