Sketches and More is a virtual teen program presented in partnership with Armory Center for the Arts and Day One. The workshops are taught by staff from the Armory.

Hand Lettering

Hand lettering is a form of drawing decorative letters, usually as a way of interpreting or expressing the letters, words, or phrase. It’s another form of calligraphy and font creation. All you need is paper and a pencil to get started, but you can use other drawing tools as well–like various ballpoint pens, brush pens, markers, or highlighters.

Participants in the first Sketches and More session illustrated the phrase: SKETCHES AND MORE. Designs from all the participants were mashed together by Armory staff, which will be used for future program flyers.

Sketching Facial Features

In the second session, participants practiced drawing facial features.

Graffiti Art

In the third session, participants created graffiti art with watercolors and pens.



In the fourth session, participants learned more techniques with watercolors and got creative with their art.


Scholarships for teens

The Armory is offering scholarships for students ages 12–18, any teen class, every session. For more info, application, and deadlines, view their website:


To register and view upcoming library programs, review our online calendar:

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