Pasadena Public Library – Teen Advisory Board, 11/16/2019


Present: Genevieve, Sophie, Emilie, Taleen, Haile, Cassie, Leon

Focus of November meeting: murder mystery evaluation, strategic plan / TAB timeline




Welcome (5 min)


Debrief & upcoming (20 min)

  • DIY snow globes – Dec 16
  • State of the Youth – PHS – Oct 23 – Liam
  • Youth Network (next meeting – Dec 4) – 
  • Murder Mystery
    • The good:  Smoother run this year–better division of groups; less participants, but better quality because it’s not overwhelming 
    • To improve:  location clues are confusing because participants didn’t know it led to the next character; should mention it before the start of the mystery; actors need water; possibly cut down on characters’ main speech and generate questions for actors to answer for participants; run-through was very late this year due to TAB participation, so generating questions was not possible–hopefully can improve next year.
  • Teen Crafts – In 2020 will be moving to quarterly to rotate with a kids event and teen movie discussion. Allendale Library looking to start a teen-volunteer facilitated crafts program (Genevieve will stop by to observe.)


Activity (10 min)

  • When you think of your experience with TAB, what stands out to you?
  • What will make being on TAB meaningful and how can we retain members?
  • Why will people join?
  • Think of your relationship with the library (any library) in 5 years. What do you expect from your library? What do you think your library can offer?
  • What will teens value in TAB (both as a member or a participant of a TAB program)?
  • What will the next generation of teens want from their community hub?
  • What will be the reasons teens will use/come/attend library services (remember that services are broad)?
  • What Pasadena organization or group do you think TAB should partner with?
  • What should be our relationship with other community organizations? Where/what should we have a presence?


TAB presentation (20 min)

  • History of TAB & grant projects


Discuss (30 min)

  • Review your activity questions
  • 3 main focus areas: events, advocacy, advisory
  • What should we base our strategic plan on?
  • How are we different than other teen groups?
  • Sustainability 

Comments: Wants to contribute to life-long learning, relevant to teens, improve teen library experience

People join TAB because it looks good on a resume, but people stay because of the experience. We don’t advertise all the cool stuff that TAB does. Members connect with others; they’re respected like adults; it’s rewarding to see the workgroups thrive and succeed and see participants enjoy something that TAB has implemented. Learn while having an impact.

For future: We should partner with more prevalent orgs such as humane society. Add TAB members testimonials on website. Make a really good video with TAB members saying all the things they like about being a member. Add a slideshow of TAB members’ projects on webpage.


Information items (5 min)

  • Everyone will be subscribed to the Teen Newsletter
  • Next TAB meeting – Saturdays, 4-5:30pm
    • December meeting – date change
  • Future TAB agenda items
    • Update TAB website
    • Programs for kids (3D pens, other crafts) ~ maybe once a quarter?
      • LEGO Robotics – Jan. 12 – Emilie & Sophie


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