review by Jacob Chon, age 15

The City on the Other Side by Mairghread Scott

    The City on the Other Side is a short and interesting novel about a young girl thrust into a war between fairies. Isabel, a daughter of a wealthy family, must learn how to play the part of a messenger willing to sacrifice her life for the sake of a world she never knew. Dodging danger, escaping enemies, and running away dominate her strategies against the incredibly powerful Unseelie, a race of beings who seek to impose their power over the simple Seelie. Her position as a messenger, rather than a fighter, puts her in a dangerous predicament, wherein Isabel must stay alive and cannot die. Her journey between the human world and the fairy world is a compelling story that will interest all readers.
    As a graphic novel, The City on the Other Side occupies a unique niche among young adult novels: it is not made for children, but it does not carry heavy themes along with it.  The story it tells, while compelling, is rather short, although much of the blame for this can be attributed to its medium. However, the story it does tell is intriguing, though a little trite. Much of her escapes are successful, and she generally does not see much development throughout the story. Ultimately, this is a short but engrossing read that is perfect for those who dislike longer tales of adventure but still wish to immerse themselves in a story of fairies and magic. 3.5/5 stars.

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