Pasadena Public Library, Teen Advisory Board, 4/10/2017


Present:  Angel (Meep), Brittany, Genevieve, Liliana, Lucy, Madison, Maya, McKenna, Nina, Sophie


Pre-meeting assignment: suggestions for Teen SRC prizes




Debrief – (3 minutes each; 15 minutes)

Breakin’ News – Nina, Maya

Teen Game Night – Jane G.

Youth Leadership Network – Jane G.

Teen Writers – Sophie, Mckenna

Book Club – Madison


Open floor (5 minutes)


Discussion (40 minutes)

Our resources – funds, interns, volunteers

Our challenges – marketing, lack of sufficient time, dedicated volunteers

Teen Services budget & Teen Summer budget

TAB’s mission & vision [tabled]

TAB members rules — attendance, participation, individual goals — clearly define these rules

Summer party theme


Action items (25 minutes)

Strategic goals voting [action tabled]

TAB rules & guidelines voting [delayed action – will be conducted via email]

Summer party theme [delayed action – vote will be conducted via email]

SRC prize voting

The team selected the following prizes for this summer’s Teen Summer Reading program:  metal engraved bookmarks, eco-friendly flashlights, messenger bags, engineer’s multi-tool, notebooks with post-its. [see selections above]


Information items (5 minutes)


TAB committees: committees develop plans & track progress, but are not responsible for carrying out goals; Committee Chairs will be responsible for reporting back to Ms. Jane & checking in with members

  • Marketing
    • Chair:  Maya Wong
    • Vice-Chair:  Genevieve Harvey
    • Blog Manager:  Kara Eng
    • Copy Editor:  Hadley Willman
    • Committee members: Madison Comick, + TBD
    • Social media (so far we have Instagram)
    • Tracking marketing plans & promotional power
    • Leverage Teens Blog & Teen Zine
    • Displays & flyer evaluation
  • Services & Resources
    • Chair:  Sophie Lin
    • Vice-Chair:  McKenna Blackshire
    • Committee members:  Lucy Wang, Brittany Romero, Christopher Gonzalez+ TBD
    • Improve research guides (webteen & book suggestion lists)
    • Evaluation of programs & events (including budgeting & capacity)
    • Track work plan progress for large TAB sponsored programs
  • Volunteer Relations
    • Chair:  Haneen Eltaib
    • Vice-Chair:  Nina Dinan
    • TAB Adviser: Angel Gomez
    • Youth Intern(s)
    • Committee members: Lauren Sugiyama, + TBD
    • Orientations
    • Update training guides
    • Volunteer hours & paperwork
    • Appreciation party


Blog procedures update: (draft)

  • Kara is our new Blog Manager
  • Hadley is our Copy Editor & Blogger
  • Teen Advisory Board page – profiles & pictures will be posted
  • Book reviewers page – profiles of current book reviewers at top of page; rewrite steps to becoming a book reviewer
  • New process for blog postings
    • Book reviews – (1) reviewers get assignment from Librarian, (2) reviewers submit form with review, (3) reviews are copyedited by Copy Editor, (4) Copy Editor formats reviews on blog, (5) Copy Editor notifies Blog Manager about finished posts, (6) Blog Manager schedules post to be published, (7) Blog Manager awards reviewer 2 hours for each review in Volunteer Hours log, (8) Librarian awards Copy Editor and Blog Manager volunteer hours in Volunteer Hours log.
    • Event recaps – (1) zine writers get assignment from Librarian, (2) writers submit recap to Librarian, and Librarian sends to Blog Manager, (3) Blog Manager copy edits and formats recap on blog, including adding pictures, (4) Blog Manager schedules posts to be published, (5) Blog Manager awards 1 hour to writer in Volunteer Hours log, (6) Librarian awards Blog Manager volunteer hours in Volunteer Hours log.
    • In the case of either the Blog Manager or Copy Editor writing a post, the Blog Manager or Copy Editor will switch roles for the particular post.


Upcoming events –

Movie Night – Wed. April 12, 5pm (Perks of Being a Wallflower) – Meep & Genevieve

Youth Mental Health First Aid training – Mon. April 17, 5pm

Breakin’ News – Wed. April 19, 5pm – Nina & Maya

Library Research Skills – Thu. April 20 @ 6pm

Craft Night – Wed. April 26, 5pm

Teen Writers meetup – Thu. April 27, 6pm – Sophie

YA Book Club – Mon. May 1, 6pm (Holding Up the Universe) – McKenna

Mental Health Day – May 6, 9am


Save the Date:

Youth Conference – Thu&Fri. August 10-11 @ 10-4

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