Recap by Miko Sellier, Grade 9

The T-shirt making workshop was on July 20, 2016. This class took place on the fourth floor in the Studio. I helped out with putting the supplies on the tables and with putting the tables into place for this fun event. The setup consisted of sponge brushes, brushes ranging from small to large, a t-shirt, a pencil, and many different colors of paint.

First Jane explained to us how to do this project. She said that we had two options: 1) to draw the design directly on the t-shirt, or 2) to create a stencil and paint that design on the t-shirt. For the stencil design you had to draw the design in pencil, then you had to put glue around it so that the paint wouldn’t go on the t-shirt. After she finished explaining what we had to do, we got started on our project. First, we picked out what color shirt we wanted. I chose black. Then we picked out which colors of paint we were going to use to paint our t-shirt and what cool design we were going to make with it. After that, we drew our design on the t-shirt/stencil with a pencil. Then we started painting our designs!

When we were finished with our designs we blow-dried them or left them to dry on the table for everyone to see. One of the people there painted a cool bubble t-shirt; another did an android symbol; I painted a cat with glasses. The whole experience was fun. Everyone got to be creative and unique in their own way, and what’s even better was that we got to wear it after and show it off!


To paint your own t-shirt using a stencil, use the instructions here.


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