Teen Advisory Board meeting 10/8/2016, and working meeting 10/17/2016

TAB members & prospective members:  Mckenna, Nina, Haneen, Lauren, Kara, Madison, Hadley, Liliana, Imelda, Maya, Laura, Genevieve, Frissiel, Meep, Bella, Brittany, KC, Jane L, Lucy, Luke, Chris

We’re in the final crunch period for our murder mystery!  TAB has been working hard writing, testing, and crafting what will certainly be a spectacular Wonderland Murder Mystery.  But even in the midst of very busy times, we’re still looking forward and working on our plans for the future.

TAB’s current projects/tasks:
  • Executive Teams:
    • Leads (Kara, Haneen, Meep, Volunteer Relations team)
    • VOYA reviewers (Hadley, Kara)
    • Representing other youth organizations:  Youth Council (Lauren)
  • Volunteer Relations:  volunteer paperwork, Volunteer Appreciation Party, Teen training checklist, meeting setups (*Haneen, Nina, Lauren)
  • Readers Advisory:  pb purchasing, updating online book lists, facilitate YA Book Club, write book talkers (*Kara, Madison, Hadley, Liliana, Imelda, Mckenna)
  • Mental Health Initiative: updating resources, promoting MH events, planning MH month in May (*Meep, Genevieve, Frissiel)
  • Virtual & Technology:  flyers, brochures, Teens Blog (Maya, Lucy)
  • Teen Central: supplies, displays in Teen Central, after-school or craft programs (Brittany, Laura)
  • Event teams:
    • YA Book Club (Kara, Madison, Mckenna)
    • Writing workshops (Mckenna)
    • Book festival (Hadley, Kara, Haneen)
    • Murder Mystery
    • Winter craft
    • Winter game night
    • Winter movie (Meep, Genevieve)
    • Teen Tech Week maker programs (Chris, Luke)
    • Volunteer Appreciation Party (Volunteer Relations team)
    • Summer Reading program
    • Summer party

These notes are for record purposes only. For more information about attending events, please see our website:  http://ww5.cityofpasadena.net/library/teens-services/#menu3

To join the Teen Advisory Board, the application and description can be found on our website:  http://ww5.cityofpasadena.net/library/teens-services/#menu4

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