Mug Painting

Personalize your own mugs using markers!  These instructions are adapted from Popsugar.  Here’s how:

What you need:

  • Oil-based Sharpie paint markers. These can be ordered online or purchased at an art store.
  • White mugs. We ordered these in bulk from Dollar Tree at $1 each.
  • (optional) Stencils. You can make your own using paper, painter’s tape, or purchasing adhesive ones. We got Martha Stewart adhesive stencils from Michaels.


What to do:

  1. Design your cup, then draw!
  2. Dry out the paint. An hour would do.
  3. Bake it in the oven. We sent our young designers home with instructions on how to heat set the designs.
  4. Do not preheat the oven. Place the mug in the oven, then turn it on to 350 degrees, wait 30 minutes, then turn off the oven, and wait for it to cool.
  5. Wash the cups gently.

Here are a few designs by our teens:

More photos of mug painting at the library:

Jane Gov

Jane is a Youth Services Librarian at Pasadena Central Library. She purchases YA books for the library system and maintains the teen booklist, online resources, and webpages. She oversees Teen & YA programs including Summer Reading, Advisory Board, Zine, book reviewers, and volunteers. She also conducts a few kids events and storytimes. Jane is a contributor to VOYA Magazine and a YALSA Board member. A majority of her free time is spent with her corgi Lord Tyrion of Pasadena. She tweets as @missjanegov.

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