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Before I attended this event, I thought a zine was just a mini-magazine, where people could publish articles, poems, or stories. I never thought a zine could be a self-published 8-page booklet that could hold anything, including cartoons, art, or essays. I also didn’t know anyone (yes, even you) could make one and sell it online.

Yumi Sakugawa, professional cartoonist and zinester, conducted this event at the Pasadena Central Library.  She gave us the history of zines, as well as surprisingly easy steps on making them. All you need is paper, a pencil, and ideas which could range from drawing big things in a small zine, to a zine that describes your summer.  Sakugawa also explained that zines are ways to show your emotions, or the struggles you’ve been through.

I strongly suggest making zines–whether they be about your deepest wishes, or your pet dog– and publishing them online. You could be surprised at the results!

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This workshop was led by Yumi Sakugawa and facilitated by librarian Jane Gov, Pasadena Central Library.  Photos by Jane Gov.

Learn more about Yumi:

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