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What is the Teen Advisory Board?

Better yet, WHO is the Teen Advisory Board?

It’s been a long time since I was a teen myself, and what’s popular with teens is always changing.  It’s especially challenging because teens are difficult to engage. Yes, I’m talking about you!

Everyone’s busy worrying about homework, SAT scores, or college… or else, just busy in general with sports practices, ASB meetings, theater practice–you name it! With everything going on, how can we engage teens with the library?  So, here’s a thought:  What if you or your peers had some input into what goes on at the library?

Thus, the Pasadena Public Library Teen Advisory Board was formed.

The current Teen Advisory Board (TAB) includes 6-10 dedicated teens.  Schools they represent include:  Blair, Pasadena High, Westridge, McKinley, Marshall, Immaculate Heart, Flintridge Prep, and more to come.  The membership fluctuates depending on demonstrated dedication and responsibility, and of course availability.  The requirement so far has been one monthly Board meeting; during summer, participation will increase to events and training sessions.

Our first meeting was held in February and since then, the Board has helped me select books for our YA collection, graphics for the Summer Reading Challenge, and voted on upcoming teen programs for the library; they have also represented the library during a meeting that included several city youth groups.

Past agendas:

February 8, 2014:

  • Welcome, goals
  • The SRC plan so far
  • Tasks from now until summer (Feb–May)
  • Tasks through the summer (Jun-Aug)
  • Let’s vote – vote for summer programs
  • Upcoming:  Practice SAT, Gatsby Poets Night, Teen Book Fest

March 8, 2014:

  • TSRC (Teen Summer Reading Challenge) progress – updated game board at city’s graphic designer
  • A look at our online TSRC counterpart – Evanced
  • Update on progress for scheduling summer programs
  • Any changes?  What do you think?  TSRC publicity
  • Need help for upcoming programs:  Roaring 20’s Poetry Night – Thurs. April 24, 6pm
  • What else are we getting involved with?
    • Youth Master Plan
    • Global Youth Service Day – tentatively Sunday, April 13

April 19, 2014

  • Vroman’s Bookstore trip — select prizes and YA paperbacks

What’s so special about the Teen Advisory Board?

Besides making a bigger impact in the community, TAB is the library’s premier teen leadership team.

If you’re only looking to satisfy your service hour requirements, this is not the opportunity for you.  However, if you’re truly interested in furthering the library’s goal in engaging your peers, inquire about joining!  We’re always looking for fresh, dedicated, and talented teens.

And if you don’t know why libraries are important, do your research!  Read Teens Need Libraries.

What’s next?

The Board will be taking on the Summer Reading Challenge next, including training and leading their peers, other teen volunteers, and provide feedback on summer programs.

Next meeting:  May 31, Pasadena Central Library

Interested in joining the Teen Advisory Board?  Contact Jane Gov at (626) 744-4246 or (email is preferable).

For information about teen volunteer opportunities, visit: