Review by Amber Elias, 15

Unchosen By Katharyn Blair

The world has been thrown into chaos as a deadly sickness called the Crimson sweeps the eyes of the globe, infecting people through sight and setting them down the path of becoming mindless, cannibalistic zombies. For Charlotte, this is only a minor setback to the much larger problems she has of living in the shadows of her two sisters’. Harlow, the eldest, is a warrior in their safe camp and Vanessa, the youngest, is the supposed Chosen One, able to stop the curse of the Crimson sent upon them by Anne the Pirate. Not even to mention the fact that Charlotte is completely and utterly in love with Dean, who just so happens to be Harlow’s boyfriend. However all of her problems seem to come crashing down when the camp is pillaged in search of the Chosen One, and in an incredible turn of events, Charlotte lies in order to save her sister. They get separated, and it’s up to Charlotte to get herself out of this mess, and maybe find herself in the process.
Unchosen is a thrilling piece of YA science fiction with just the right elements of mystery, action, and romance. Although following the traditional teen sci-fi script, the flow of the story was so smooth that I found myself reading countless chapters at a time without even realizing it. The plot was solid, entertaining, and coherent, all wrapped up with a bow of well-placed jokes and character development! The pacing felt right, and even though there were some elements of the plot that I would have liked some more background on, it all worked out well in the end. The amount of shock-value scenes could be toned down, but nonetheless it made for an incredibly delightful read.
4.5 stars.

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