Pasadena Public Library – Teen Advisory Board, May 22, 2021

Present:  luke, cassie, leo, jasmine, caelie, vivien, noah

Special guests:  alexia, dana


Assignment: come up with 1-3 questions to ask Mighty Chondria



  • Central Library building closed until further notice



  • Mighty Chondria: Mighty Chondria is a startup organization founded by two scientists in highschool, Alexia and Dana, who are passionate about building equity in science education. 


Discuss: – equity

What have we been doing and how does it serve equity in the community?

Discuss who the library is serving.

Are we continuing to serve the over-served? There’s no data for the life-changing impacts it has made.

What do we do now that we don’t have a Central Library building?

What programs/services do you want to be a part of?


Ideas from TAB:

school reps to do presentations about library services

challenges: how to start something like this at the school? What kind of permissions do students need to get in order to speak to teachers/peers



June 26 – TAB in-person outdoors at Hastings Branch Library, 4pm

  • Distribute shirts, tags
  • Setup TAB info display (pre-prep meeting with photos, info guides) — not too crowded display

July – DIY Magic Wand kits

  • Practice run of DIY video
  • Assistance in creating the magic properties guide

July 10 – levelUP Teen Opportunities Fair at Hastings Library, 2-4pm

  • TAB info area; need reps/greeters


Next steps:

Zine article questions – Genevieve, Cassie, Luke

Re-designing Teen Central