Pasadena Public Library – Teen Advisory Board, July 24, 2021 at Hastings Branch Library


Present:  vivien, maya, leo, genevieve


Well-being grant

Economic well-being (financial)

Emotional well-being (mental health)

Environmental well-being (space)

Inner well-being (purpose, self)

Intellectual well-being (creative)

Physical well-being (health, food)

Social well-being (relationships)

Vocational well-being (work volunteer)


How do you feel about piloting the first series of story time?


Teen volunteer Storytime program discussion: 

Well-being themes; preschool or family

6 sessions: 2 training; 2 planning, 2 presenting


5 people per team


Escape room planning: 

Best way may be to first think large scale – what is the main objective/story

Then think about individual clues

Then how the clue is presented

Then how the clue is found