Pasadena Public Library – Teen Advisory Board, 1/16/2021



Genevieve, Noah, Jasmine, Leo, Yenyi, Vivien, Luke, 



Edited videos so far

Scavenger hunt debrief

blog post with clues

Shifts for facilitators + less number of days

Walkable locations

Back up hints for each location

MHI grant – positive psychology

Youth network survey 

Spring Take & Make (for ages 9+)

Send vendors + youtube page

Log your time



Zoom hosting

 + python workshops



Writing Meetup – Sun. Jan. 17

Sketches & More – Wed. Jan. 20 & Feb. 17

Out of the Pantry cooking program – Tue. Jan. 26

Youth Network – Wed. Feb. 3

Paint With Us (Black History Month) – tutorial by teen volunteer – Wed. Feb. 24



Info items: 


Discussion: plans for Jan-Mar

Introduce yourself – your school / grade / how long you’ve been a tab member, what other volunteer roles you fill, or activities you do in the city.  If you’ve been a TAB member for a while, you can mention some of the leadership roles you’ve filled. 


And answer one of the following questions: 


If you’re new: Why do you want to be part of tab/what attracted you to get involved? How did you hear about it?


If you’re a longer term member – Why do you continue to stay involved or what are your hopes for the team and what you can contribute by being a part of tab.


If you’re a longer term member — A meaningful experience you’ve had while being on the team.


Python – coding workshops

Noah – facilitator

9-14 ages

Cassie / noah

Selecting date(s)

Single workshop vs. series

3 workshop series


Tentative March schedule: 

Writing meetup?

Cooking workshop

Python coding?

Sketches & More

Youth Network


Next steps:

Decide on date(s) for writing meetups — Genevieve

Decide on date(s) for Python coding — Noah & Cassie

Python lesson plan – Noah, with assistance from Cassie

Zine article questions – Genevieve, Cassie, Luke (around March)