Review by Giselle Carlos, 16

Kate In Waiting By Becky Albertalli

Katelyn “Kate’ Garfield is your average theater kid: Tangled-obsessed, an expert on every musical on Broadway, and a completely hopeless romantic. Luckily though, she’s always had her best friend, Anderson, by her side to hopelessly pine after guys with. These crushes- dubbed “communal crushes”- are all fun and games until their latest crush from theater camp, Matt Olsson, suddenly shows up at their school, in their town, and in their musical. Now, in between auditioning and rehearsing for the musical, spending time with their best friends, and continuously rewatching Anatasia and Tangled, Kate and Anderson must figure out how to navigate this new (very real) crush together. They’ve done it from afar, but when they both begin to truly know Matt, they begin to wonder whether they must trade in their friendship for love.
Kate in Waiting is yet another stunning YA novel by author Becky Albertalli. Not only a homage to theater kids all around, it also pays tribute to the high school experience: navigating stage fright, friendships, classes, and love interests. Albertalli’s novel is achingly sweet and a completely wonderful ride from start to finish. Kate’s character is relatable, and the rest of the characters Albertalli provides are equally as enjoyable. It isn’t just the plot that steers the book forward- it’s the witty dialogue, the irresistible scenes of late-night drives and going to parties. Though fairly linear, the normality of the plot is precisely what hooks the reader in. It’s an excellent example of old-fashioned escapism and an impressive page-turner that will make you relish life a bit more and crave for a first love or a best friendship. Kate’s descriptors of walking out of rehearsal to beautiful sunsets, of screaming her lungs out to her favorite songs, and of experiencing her first love are bound to keep your eyes busy for a few days. It’s an incredibly sweet story that left me clutching the book to my chest and aching for more. Kate In Waiting is a book you will be thumbing down as a comfort novel; a book with characters you want to hug, scenes that make you laugh and cry, and a novel you’ll want to read again.
5 stars.

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