Pasadena Public Library – Teen Advisory Board, 09/21/2020


Present:  Jasmine, Cassie, Leo, Genevieve, Natalie, Luke, Marshall, Kani, Brenden, Noah

Joining this meeting are several Youth Interns.



  1. About me – Jane the Librarian
  2. Paslibrary 101 — basic training about libraries

Some slides from the training:

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How will you work together to contribute to the library’s mission in the next few months? Idea exchange. Traditionally, October is our busiest month. ArtNight, Coming Out Day, Hispanic Heritage Month, Halloween & Day of the Dead, and usually State of the Youth. Even without our Murder Mystery this year, it’s still incredibly busy. Lets use our resources wisely and not replicate resources or services already available. Ideas should also be sustainable within this group.


Ideas from the group: 

  • Virtual scavenger hunt — proposed by Genevieve
  • Origami — proposed by Brenden
  • Python coding — proposed by Noah
  • Kahoot games — proposed by Natalie


Breakout rooms: (these will also be the working groups)

  • Scavenger Hunt – Genevieve*, Cassie, Noah
    • Ideas so far:  live neighborhood scavenger hunt using texting to get the next clue (texting using Google). For teens?
  • Crafts — Brenden, Luke*, Leo, Jasmine, Marshall
    • Ideas so far:  origami, Halloween decor, recording YouTube video tutorials
  • Games — Natalie*, Kani
    • Ideas so far:  kahoot, pictionary, home scavenger hunt, charades


* Leads


Next Steps

  1. Schedule group meetings and create shared working documents
  2. Research each idea – nearby library systems, bookstores, city recreation departments, community organizations that work with youth and provide leisure or educational programs (like Day One, Adelante, PACTL, Lightbringer Project, )
  3. Set dates and details for each program
  4. Publicity & calendar setup
    1. newsletter blurb, 
    2. calendar listings (Evanced), 
    3. zoom schedule, 
    4. internal library schedule, 
    5. flyer, 
    6. social media posts, 
    7. registration setup, 
    8. and confirmation emails
  5. Plan program (+ who will do what)
  6. Get supplies and/or technology needs in place
  7. Practice program with people in other working groups
  8. Event time


Information Items: 

October YA Book Club flyer for Hispanic Heritage Month