Teen Advisory Board 12/12/2016

Present:  Brittany, Genevieve, Hadley, Haneen, Jane L, KC, Liliana, Lucy, Madison, McKenna, Meep, Nina, Sophie L

Below are brief notes from our meeting.


We talked about: 

Upcoming Winter Series events – Leads

  •         Mugs – Brittany
  •         Game Night
  •         Writers – Mckenna
  •         Crafts – Maya
  •         Mental Health movie – Meep, Genevieve

More support for Mental Health Initiative events

New idea – young adult election discussion in January with Pasadena League of Women Voters

Teen Tech Week in March – starting to plan for this; will need TAB instructors for programs happening at branch libraries

Jane G (Librarian) is currently working with several community youth groups on creating a Youth Leadership Curriculum, and also developing a Youth Conference–1-2 days intensive leadership training for teens.  Also in the works is a possible community programs tour for youth.

TAB biographies for Teen Zine (Winter 2017 issue) is due ASAP.


Updates from committees:

Madison, KC, Liliana, and Nina updated TAB on what they learned and accomplished during the Readers Advisory meeting last week

Genevieve and Meep updated TAB on what their plans are for the upcoming mental health movie discussion

Nina, Haneen, and Jane L are working on the volunteer training manual; will lead into TAB bylaws and guiding principles

Hadley, Madison, KC, and Liliana are working on a list of classic book covers to be painted on our new floor chairs

McKenna, Genevieve, Lucy, Julia, and a few other teen artists will paint the book covers on the floor chairs this winter break

Lucy, Sophie, Mckenna, Brittany, Genevieve, and Meep built a book tree in Teen Central.


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