review by Julia See, grade 12, teen reviewer


Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

I picked up this novel expecting a long and winding story about a bad love affair. Little did I expect all the layer plots and themes that compliment each other quite nicely. There’s frivolous gossip complimented by educated discussions. Readers will find themselves discovering new opinions. There’s so much more to Anna Karenina than Anna Karenina. There’s all sorts of characters that readers are bound to find someone they fall in love with and someone they hate.Many people look at the amount of pages and give up on this book before even starting. It’s a fast paced page turner despite the length. Don’t let the amount of pages deter you. There’s so much content that most readers will finish feeling satisfied.  I would recommend to those who want to feel educated and sophisticated. That’s what you needed in Russian society and that’s how the author leaves you feeling.  5 stars. –Julia, grade 12, teen reviewer

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