story by Celeste Rivera (teen)


Have you ever had your friend ask you one of those questions that go along the lines of, “If me or your mom were about to die who would you save?”

I’m Lauren and my friend Cassandra had started asking me those questions a lot recently. They were fine at first, but then I got sick and tired of them.  The last day I saw Cassandra, she asked questions similar to the one I stated earlier. I was just completely fed up with them that I screamed at her, “I’D SAVE SAM (my boyfriend) SO I’D NEVER HAVE TO HEAR THESE STUPID QUESTIONS AGAIN.”

Cassandra was never one to cry.  She had forgotten how to at an early age, so she just plucked up her stuff and left. I didn’t hear from her the rest of the day. When I got home, I tripped over a package at my doorstep and I muttered some few choice words under my breath. The note was from Cassandra the note read, “Sorry Lauren. I didn’t mean to make you mad. Here’s some food I made especially for you.” I opened the box.  In it was some meat and lots of it. Cassie always knew I loved meat. I giggled with glee.

I grabbed the box and spilled out its contents on my kitchen table and began to prepare the meat.  It took forever, but it was worth it. It was the greatest meal I’d had in my entire life. I was trying to savor the taste until I felt something that wasn’t right.  I pulled it out and it was an earring. To be exact:  Cassie’s favorite. I shrugged it off.  Cassie wasn’t the greatest cook. Just as soon as I had finished my meal, I got a call from Cassie’s parents. They had not seen her all day since she came home crying. I winced knowing it was my fault.

Three months later, no one had seen Cassandra. I told people about the meat and the earring and everyone began to get suspicious. They blamed me and now I’m writing this journal entry in a mental hospital, because I have now been charged with the murder of Cassie Romano.


Written on May 17, 2014, Teen Creative Writing Workshop@ Central Library

Writing prompt:   “It was the finest meal she had ever tasted.  If only she had known what was in it.”